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  1. A numerical digit itself merely a symbol. Has neither 'good' or 'bad'. It is only when it is attached 'the meaning' then it becomes 'meaningful' and make sense. It you attach 'good' meaning to it, then it is good to you. If you attach 'bad' then it is 'bad'. Different people attach different meanings to numerical digit. Read enactment theory, sense-making theory, you will understand more.
  2. Wall fans are more practical for rooms with remote control . Need dismantle blade for washing every 1~3 months, so height is a concern. If to ventilate larger area like hall, dining area.... ceiling fan would be a better choice. 60 -inch diameter is good enough for HDB...
  3. 'Numbers' matter in bank accounts that indicate anything and everything materially. Everybody wants this 'number' as higher as possible, with many zeros, and don't mind '4s' or '6s'. If you got a poor 'number' in exam paper, you know the consequences but may not be inauspicious to life. I have many 'numbers' need to be remembered, i felt very 'troublesome', these include phone numbers, car numbers, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, password numbers, house numbers..... So what is the problem of the numbers associate with house? If you could afford a house mean you are somebody already, why allow numbers trouble you? Or you want many houses with same numbers?
  4. Religious culture/Norms/practices are such powerful that 'move' and 'transform' things in real life. Our late LKY stepped in and had closed door meeting with temple elders, Nee Soon, 2001.......
  5. Why not? For breach of contract whether terms are written or verbal expressed. This is business contract, not 'gift of love'. He needs thinks before acts. - Legal actions take $$$, time and evidence... - He wants win-win?, win-lose? Lose-lose? - Reputation, opportunity costs....etc
  6. 'Yes' for private property but not for HPS in case of HDB. Mortgage insurance premium is determined by many factors, inclusive if tenancy-in-common or joint-tenancy. The same financial institution will 'revise' the the premium rate, term and conditions...for your new property. So, it is not 'transfer', but 'revise' simply the collateral is of difference value, your health/income/age, etc.....change over time.
  7. These info are useful for statistic of singapore.
  8. HDB using South at 12 o' clock position?
  9. Let not her comments affect u. Our body come 'toilet/stove/frig/basic....' built within 'limited space'. So, what're the problems? The 5-element theorem has been misused by her money-making sense, in the name of FS. Can't image what dwelling unit would look like if she be architectural consultant to BCA.
  10. Positive feeling overcomes all. Before all, love your unit, rituals can be anything as long as others and you feel comfortable.
  11. Not advisable, from finance perspective, 'to rent anything' for consumption, simply that Ownership of assets remain with leaser not leasee at end of day. Earning capacity must be > spending capacity. If not, only God can help you.
  12. Have your 1st bucket of gold first then keep the gold grows, then shake legs. Don't envy those - Eat fat fat (pay $), membership to gym (pay $)This equates to turning air-con to coolest &cover with few layers of blanket to keep warm.
  13. 'Jack engineering' business model is hard to survival here not mentioning appreciation. From the way a guy holds the spanner, i can tell his 'standard'.