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  1. 'Numbers' matter in bank accounts that indicate anything and everything materially. Everybody wants this 'number' as higher as possible, with many zeros, and don't mind '4s' or '6s'. If you got a poor 'number' in exam paper, you know the consequences but may not be inauspicious to life. I have many 'numbers' need to be remembered, i felt very 'troublesome', these include phone numbers, car numbers, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, password numbers, house numbers..... So what is the problem of the numbers associate with house? If you could afford a house mean you are somebody already, why allow numbers trouble you? Or you want many houses with same numbers?
  2. Religious culture/Norms/practices are such powerful that 'move' and 'transform' things in real life. Our late LKY stepped in and had closed door meeting with temple elders, Nee Soon, 2001.......
  3. Why not? For breach of contract whether terms are written or verbal expressed. This is business contract, not 'gift of love'. He needs thinks before acts. - Legal actions take $$$, time and evidence... - He wants win-win?, win-lose? Lose-lose? - Reputation, opportunity costs....etc
  4. 'Yes' for private property but not for HPS in case of HDB. Mortgage insurance premium is determined by many factors, inclusive if tenancy-in-common or joint-tenancy. The same financial institution will 'revise' the the premium rate, term and conditions...for your new property. So, it is not 'transfer', but 'revise' simply the collateral is of difference value, your health/income/age, etc.....change over time.
  5. These info are useful for statistic of singapore.
  6. HDB using South at 12 o' clock position?
  7. Let not her comments affect u. Our body come 'toilet/stove/frig/basic....' built within 'limited space'. So, what're the problems? The 5-element theorem has been misused by her money-making sense, in the name of FS. Can't image what dwelling unit would look like if she be architectural consultant to BCA.
  8. Positive feeling overcomes all. Before all, love your unit, rituals can be anything as long as others and you feel comfortable.
  9. Not advisable, from finance perspective, 'to rent anything' for consumption, simply that Ownership of assets remain with leaser not leasee at end of day. Earning capacity must be > spending capacity. If not, only God can help you.
  10. Have your 1st bucket of gold first then keep the gold grows, then shake legs. Don't envy those - Eat fat fat (pay $), membership to gym (pay $)This equates to turning air-con to coolest &cover with few layers of blanket to keep warm.
  11. 'Jack engineering' business model is hard to survival here not mentioning appreciation. From the way a guy holds the spanner, i can tell his 'standard'.
  12. Extend the cable from router to where you want, with RJ11 male and female connectors
  13. 1. A 1-2 hour curing epoxy can liao. 2. If eye-sore, may cover the hole with something else....
  14. My 1st hdb unit from primary mkt back then in 1992, MBR built with Nyatoh wood stripes of 4 inch height, whole room. King size bed on top of the wooden flooring that formed the 'platform bed'. Under the widow was a whole stretch of wooden low cabinets with sliding doors. Problems? Everyday wake up so flesh yet energetic..... for some 13 years and it produced me the 1st bucket of gold right after it was sold. On and off my children talked about how much they missed that unique flooring and bed and cabinets....they were made on that platform bed....
  15. Professionally speaking, the soak test should last for 24 hours instead of 4 hours for a more conclusive finding. The timing depends largely on the concrete permeability and thickness. You may read Darcy's Law for further understanding. Anyway, HDB Quality Group must have some certifications reaching the '4 hours' conclusion. If one can observe damp patches on the soffit within 4 hours, the 'leakage' is very serious and need immediate action. Water can be retained in the slab/concrete and slowly spreads horizontally and vertically, over months or even years and the damp patches can be observed on the soffit....(in another word - HDB is signalling 'Pls settle with your neighbor next time and don't look for me', if you opt out) It is often found the 'leakage' happens at floor trap area and stackers' (we don't call pipes) perimeter. The water 'travels' along the stacker wall (if waterproofing material not sticks to the stacker, or tall enough with the tile.....) then, i would say 'good luck'. I personally told the ID and supervised the contractor on this very particularly, in late 2009. 2016, HIP came, i opted in just to pleased my neighbour down stair tot there was a 'downgrade' in everything in the toilets.
  16. Cabling/trunking is the consideration. I've a 12' x 8' feature wall with 6" false ceiling.
  17. Whatever 'borrowed' need to be 'returned' with 'interest', to lenders. Consumption delaying is 'painful' but 'fruitful'.
  18. This is a typical financing decision making case which requires the capital budget knowledges...(common 3 models are NPV, IRR and payback). However, these models are pretty tangible-approach (dead approach) with many assumptions that ignore many real-life factors that need consideration, examples: cashflow, liquidity..... You must know the interest compounding issues for comparing 2 or more loans, as well as HPS & HPY calculations. Daily, monthly, quarterly, yearly...make a lot of different and the 'problems' are lenders often lock these 'realities' within kitchen and present the 'presentable' in the restaurant. Unless you ask for key to access kitchen..... I made a related-decision in 2009 (now till in effect) : Use both CPF OAs for loan financing while collecting CASH from renting out the unit. Made partial lump sum payment till OA has about 24 months instalment. I turn the cpf money into pocket money, why?
  19. So long as you have the 'means', any directions, floor.....all not a problem. The problems are HOW do these parameters of direction, floor......affect your 'means' ?. Money is not the problem. The problem is no money.
  20. You're great fsm already by choosing yourself the place The rests are chicken feets or pieces of cake to you.
  21. Air plants. No soil, no water, won't disturb your rest, make you energetic (provided u love them) everyday whether in bedroom or board room. Not sure any effect on court room.
  22. In fact, it does,question is how and to what extent and to who (husband,wife, children, older generation within the house). There are environmental psychology theories that stress the importance and effects of environments to men's psychological state that influencing their decision making process/power. The theories hold that different peoples of different age, race, culture, education level, upbringing, etc, have different response to same environments and therefore making different decision! Different decisions lead to different destiny. A person's 'lens' of seeing external world (environments) and decision making are correlated. 八字 is fixed, environments are changing, one's knowledge/skill/experience also changing. Once i like rainbow colors, candies of many colors, colorful flowers cheer me up.....after some time, i start going to clubs, observed that white/black/silver cars dominant premises, so I drove only white/black/silver cars. The decision was environmental-submissive, to comply to prevailing norms in order to be within the circle....many many things keep changing and changing but my 八字 remains the same. What does this indicate? To be a fsm, the first thing he needs to understand human behaviors. Like herding, fears, monkey see monkey do.......