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  1. My Mitsubishi MR-BF43B fridge been giving out humming noise these couple days, anyone know what could be wrong? If need repairs, how much would it cost & any good technician (sic contact pls) to recommend?
  2. for the hob after some usage, it'll gather rust/soot whatever due to cooking. how to remove it to look new again? help!
  3. I've a Philips HD4746 rice cooker but the innerpot (used to cook rice) is starting to show signs of wear & tear, the inner coating seems to be coming off. where can i get a replacement for it? e inner pot capacity is 5 litres so I should be looking at this specs? Must i get the exact model? how much issit? pls help, thanks.
  4. hi all, i saw a guanyin which we kinda like cept for one detail. i dun see any eyeballs in the statue, it's just 1 slit which i suppose means the eyes are closed? or looking down? but no matter how small the statue is i can still see eyeballs in other statues. any ides if it's good to get it?
  5. hi there, thanks for reply but how do i know if my tap is how many ticks? i got it from overseas leh.
  6. hi, i think there's an ad by PUB recently on saving water. there's some type of water saving device i think it's called thimbles? as per this passage below: anyone installed such device? wa's the cost like & issit really effective? A series of three television advertisements focusing on taking shorter showers, not washing dishes under a running tap and installing thimbles in taps and showerheads will air on Mediacorp Channel 5 and 8 for about five weeks from 27 February to end-March 2011. PUB water saving release statement
  7. mmm cause HD & FULL HD there's still a price difference, budget also an issue.
  8. actually nowadays it's not a must to buy them in a pair, like mine's only 1. also male & female also not much of a difference liao. pixiu basically for a few purpose 1. hold the fort (zhen zai) 2. ward against evil 3. bring in wealth. only the master or masters are allowed to touch it as others may contaminate it with their negative energy.
  9. so there's not much review on the internet for this model. but what I saw is that it has 3 HDMI slots & 1 USB slot the controls are also at the front & touch screen, 3 yrs warranty. anyone has this model, if yes, what are yr comments? oh another thing, between wall mount bracket, tiltable & non-tiltable difference is $20, I was thinking tiltable would be better due to different sitting posture & lighting condition so at least the tv can tilt a bit & also easier to clean, er wat u all think? much appreciated, thanks !!! Samsung LA32C450
  10. hi how much u buy this model for? er, yr stains were there for how long & caused by what? ah? sounds like an expensive glass cleaner sia er homo tiles refer to those laid by HDB right? erm, then how u remove e water marks? clean with cloth later? hi hi u using same model too? er how long u all need to clean e entire house ah?
  11. I've seen a couple models in NTUC for sale & also there's one being advertised on tv. using steam to clean seems impressive but anyone used it? appreciate feedback also.
  12. if u use it more often, better to get inverter so you dun shorten lifespan of non inverter air con. warranty duration should be standard (maybe others can confirm). have u used coolserve b4? if yes & it was good then ok. if not, save yrself the headache & find a more reputable aircon installer
  13. hi hi, how much u bought this model? how issit serving you? cleaning ok? thanks
  14. like most ppl here recommended, their price is transparent & there's no hidden costs. Not many sites will be willing to put up their price for u to see upfront. but service is good & installation is professional. u still can go around to compare the prices but do note service quality is important, some shops are totally beng in customer service & pressure sell you. so do compare & compare, good luck!