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  1. I replaced the whole thing before myself, the plug name was MK. You have to pull out the whole white button, there should be a screw below. Let me see if my thread is still around.
  2. Stainless Steel comes in different grades. Those cutlery from IKEA supposedly made of stainless steel also rust ... I was shopping for faucets yesterday also, went into Poh Seng first, the prices are indeed very good, cheapest of the lot, but can't say the same for service, the staff kept hovering around like a demeter when the walkway is so narrow and after I told him to let me browse without him. I decided to walk out when he persisted. Went over next door to G-something, the lady is quite friendly and she gave some really helpful suggestions though the prices are higher than Poh Seng for the same/similar item, I should be getting from her though despite the slightly higher prices. Also went to Hoe Kee and Haniffa, their prices are very Swiss standard....
  3. Guys, any advice on toilet doors? I'm currently using a normal bi-fold, and it's chui-ed What options do I have? Another bifold and risk getting it chui-ed again? No... PD door, I've read enough here not to even consider them... Sandblast also no good, maintenance nightmare? What else can I do?
  4. I got rid of 99% of them with COMBAT mini, very happy now. Occasionally (like once a week) I see 1 or 2 ants only.
  5. Yes, if you're changing a new sink. (different size, different cut out) *No, if you're reusing the old sink. (They will take special care to preserve it when tearing down the cabinet) PS* It also depends on the size of your old cabinet, a standard concrete stand is supposedly 600mm width, while my old wooden cabinet is only 550mm width, so obviously my old granite table top would be too small. In the event that it can be recyled, savings almost $1000 Granite's $100 to $120 per foot run, mine's about $600 for 5ft. Sink & Tap is another $300 to $500 depending on what model/brand you get. My old SS sink/tap's tarnished and chui after so many years, so might as well change everything.
  6. The sink sits between the wood surface and the granite tabletop, the only thing that's preventing water from seeping in is the silicon between the granite and the sink. Once the silicon deteriorates over time, you can expect water to seep in readily, it doesn't take long for the wood to be completely soaked with water. And if one has the habit of filling the sink to the rim and do washing, the weight itself can cause the whole thing to collapse since the wood structure that's supporting the edges of the sink is considerably weakened over time with all that water.
  7. You have to host your images on a photo site like photobucket, then put the link here.
  8. I have zero wall tiles in my kitchen and loving it! No regrets for this bold decision against conventional practices. (Only recently I added a concrete stand for my kitchen sink, that one is tiled) Imagine all the grease on your shiny tiles when you cook and all the cleaning you have to do when you have wall tiles. My walls are painted with Nippon Easy Wash/Medifresh 3 in 1, so far so good. I can still understand if you want tiles to spruce up an empty wall, the same can be achieved with paint as well. But BEHIND fixed cabinets and backsplash, you really don't need tiles, serves no purpose, can't see, can't touch, install them on bare walls will do. Save money also.
  9. I have 10 in one room. All strategically located. 4x near monitor/cpu/printer/tv/media player/speakers/modem/router. (Actually 1x/2x + extension cab be better here) 2x for floor light and aromadiffuser 2x for walk in wardrobe area's salt lamp, 1 empty. 2x for standing fan and air filter. It's not economical if you have it all stashed in one area, not a bad idea if they are located on different walls/areas. You have to plan your room layout and furniture first, easier to decide how many you need.
  10. A familiar name... When I was most active in this forum back in 07/08. Lacafa, Red Apple, Winter. Surprise they can still continue to operate and survive with this kind of service standard. http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=38988
  11. @Venom, it's ridiculous those new ones in storage and not in use are already rusting, if those on their shelves also rust, that would be quite a show. @godchuanz, it's DRAGON range, should be $45. I liked the weight of it, and considering the price, I assumed it should be decent. http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/90091760/
  12. Have not heard of SS coating as well... SS is an alloy that comes in different grades, depending the amount of nickel and chromium mixed with steel. Those SS item that rusts probably has a lower quantity of nickel/chromium in the mix.
  13. Time to grill and question your hubby's friend. Why did he make that "strong referral", was his house renovated by him hence personally endorsed or does he get a middleman commission for sealing the deal without knowing his standards and workmanship?
  14. I just got a blanco silgranit also, installing soon. The edges and finishing too pretty to be undermount and hidden from sight, will do top mount.