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  1. I almost every one or two months will get things from taobao, even most of my kid birthday party stuffs also get from taobao ~
  2. Hi Joseph, Sorry for late reply. We are using ventilation pipes for the toilet ventilation, my husband get those industrial type which is quite strong power .. Hope the info helps.
  3. Yes, glossy finishing for the kitchen cabinet and matt finishing for bay window and study room cabinets. So far the matt finishing cabinet still maintained white ... it definitely will collect dust from time to time, and I guess it applied for all kinds of cabinets? You can get the sponge from Daiso to clean the stain on cabinets. Hope this helps.
  4. Oh really ? Thanks so much ... (shy)
  5. My husband was the one doing it. I remembered he used the steels to fix the basic and then used the woods to cover and then painted it with white paint. After that, is to installed the cove lights. Details wise I will have to check with him.
  6. Updates of our kitchen after 2.5 years of staying ... check out this link for more details. Well, we have added some new pieces for the counter-bar. I tried to add some decoration pieces such as flowers and plants to make the milk powder container looked nicer. My final goal of this counter-bar is to make it same height with the kitchen counter-top which will look like a kitchen island. With helper around, we cooked almost everyday. Our daily breakfast are breads with eggs and our eggs run out very fast. Those eggs looked happier to sit on the 2-tiers serving stand from IKEA, aren’t them?
  7. So far so good le ... coz it is glossy finishing. Not issue on white laminate.
  8. Thanks ~ Will continue to share more for new DIY projects or home decor related stuffs ...
  9. Hi clownprince, sorry for late reply ... The cloud cushions were bought from taobao online ... Yes, I have been looking for cloud cushions for quite sometime too and these were not as expensive as those branded type. Thanks ~
  10. Some updates on our boy nursery room, which also shared with maid ... more pictures in this link.
  11. Hi wmayeo, sorry for late reply .. long time didn't come to renotalk forum. I not sure what laminate my carpeter use to do the shelf ... I thought just a normal type.
  12. Nice concept and ideas .. love your DIYs too .. Can't wait to see your scandi home ~ I always wonder how the scandi home in Singapore looked like .. After done many research, my home still far away from scandi feeling .. probably the furniture also play important role.
  13. Yeah, I also wondered how much the reno cost? I liked your window room behind the sofa .. I shall do something like this during our reno .. Our window room looked like this, different style ..
  14. Some updates on our bathroom after having children ~ link