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  1. Recently payoh/amk 3 room sellers attempting 90k COV.... ;o Wonder whether anyone will bite!
  2. @LLChing, Gratulations on your new place. Am interested to know how you executed the move-out, reno, move-back. What storage company did you use, and what were the charges like? How many months did you have to rent another place for while waiting for reno to complete?
  3. Is there a hard and fast way to tell which are contractors and which are ID? Or there really is no way since a lot of them are hybrid; i.e. half-half?
  4. Can I check what is the typical flow when hunting for ID/contractor. When arrange for meet up, will they show you pics of past work so that you have idea of what you want before going into quotation drafting? Most of the terms inside the quotation are greek to noobs.
  5. There is shipping plus handling fees, from my memory should be like ~15% of the price you see on the page; I haven't bought from them for sometime. The waiting time was like 2-3 weeks for me. The steps you described are quite right, the sequences are actually well-detailed in the page, take a little time to read through. Also there are various "imitations" that one must be aware of, especially when the price seems absurdly cheap. Anyone knows how to tell a genuine Grohe showerhead, let me know!
  6. Haven't visited this page in a while, thanks for keeping it alive; keep the examples of star buys coming guys. One question about LED lights, are most contractors ok with us getting such stuff like LED lights, switches and installing them for us?
  7. Rover, throughout your 3 room househunt, where are the locations that offer 3 rooms that don't have (or which areas confirm have?) the ceiling beams either in the living room or kitchen? Any idea if those are hackable? Congratulations on your new house!
  8. Dude, nice house. Can I ask about something regarding hacking of walls? Am I right that only those walls that are represented by "two lines" in the layout pic are hackable, and those "thick solid lines" are actually so called pre-fab and non-hackable? Is there a website where one can see all any layout pic for any HDB flat in Singapore? Asking because I would like to do my own hacking as well, but would like to be careful not to purchase a flat that is non-hackable, I am still in the house-hunting phase. Thank you!
  9. canuck, congratulations on your DIY purchase! I have been wanting to DIY but every agent I called on propertyguru are very helpful and want to represent me. So especially when want to view those units that the seller's agent somehow didn't put up in the internet but only the potential co-broker agent put up, I have no choice but to follow them around and promise them 1% if they are able to find my dream flat. so far has anyone managed to nego for <1%?
  10. Mods, pls advise if I am violating any rules here. Am thinking of a thread that has pics of items that are purchased from Taobao, to share with fellow forumers. Can be as large as sofa's, sinks, and shower-heads; to as small as... I also don't know what! If possible can include price-paid, price-here and warranty period etc.
  11. Anyone has experience trying to purchase hdb without buyer agent represent? So far when try to call agents to view their listing they always want to represent me, say otherwise house will be more ex.
  12. 3rm Toa Payoh North for rent 2min to MRT High floor Massive amenities KFC, 24hr mac PM for details
  13. Good price. How is living in the 500+ blocks there so far, are there any coffeeshops and convenience stores without crossing over the bridge?
  14. Passingcloud, mind sharing which block in amk you paid 32k?