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  1. Hi.. I'm doing survey for my report regarding minimalist house design..can you please kindly fill in my survey?? http://www.sogosurvey.com/k/RQsWXXYsRsPsPsP thank you so much! ^^

  2. I dun see how the single leaf is gonna obstruct.. Is urs corridor unit? How's ur layout like? Mine is corridor unit n even when fully opened, ppl still can walk past the corridor..
  3. The main gate was part of my reno items frm the reno contract. Wat u meant by cant get it done for ur new place?
  4. Ordered frm Qoo10. http://list.qoo10.sg/gmkt.inc/Goods/Goods.aspx?goodscode=406850689
  5. Haha.. It's in our sub-consciousness actually. Regardless, we would still be cleaning up the hse n 'hide' all unwanted stuffs frm view. Tho the agenda of the visit is to view the ID workers' workmanship, inevitably we as a hse owner will wanna impress upon the guests dat our hse is clean n nice. Kekeke... But frankly speaking, my hse is really machiam showroom lor. Not dat it hv the standard but it's dat my hse all open concept (other than bedroom)... Open living, open kitchen, open toilets.. Haha.. Somemore all black n white.
  6. Huh? No lar. It's typical of ID to bring potential clients to view their works. Juz dat I forgotten to ask the couple their nick in RenoTalk. Kekeke..
  7. Who's the couple who came my hse for viewing dat day? ID urselves pl. Lol.. Machiam hse viewing for sales.. Haha..
  8. It's euro dollars la. Wanna buy the US dollars but no more stock.
  9. Not really. Kinda rough. Regretted. Well, S*h*i*t happens. Lol..
  10. Ordered online frm Qoo10. Got tissues too..
  11. Yup yup.. S*h*i*t* happens.. Whahaha..
  12. Kns.. Kena complained by downstairs neighbour (7th floor). I stay at 12th floor (top floor) n he complained to HDB dat my condenser leaked water n he was irritated by the dripping sounds (no one install aircon frm 8th to 11th floors). Before CNY, he came up to my unit, smiling n politely asked me abt my aircon. I thus told him politely dat I'll ask my installer to check. Aft checking wif both the installer n Mitsubishi, both told me dat it's normal for the condenser to drip water once in awhile due to condensation. Few days later, the said neighbour came up again n asked me for update, which I relate which the installer n Mitsubishi told me. He then rebutted dat aircon can't be leaking n insisted dat I check again. I then replied dat I'll get Mitsubishi to come onsite to dbl check. I was then away at my mum's place during CNY. I came hm on the 4th day of CNY n on my aircon. Within 1 hrs, he knocked on my door n says :"U on aircon right?" He then asked me to get Mitsubishi to call him. It was CNY period so I delayed a few days. Who knws juz only 2 days aft dat, HDB called me n infd me dat they received a complain. Kns.. According to HDB act, regardless whether the aircon hv fault anot, as long as it causes nuisance to others (in my case normal water dripping frm NORMAL CONDENSATION), I still hv to rectify the issue. Kns! L L spent $150 to install a stainless steel tray beneath the aircon ledge, wif an extended piping to ensure the water drips beyond the perimeter of the neighbour aircon.