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  1. Bought thrice using peeka n very pleased with the service. I gauge the total cost each time by taking the rmb amount n dividing by 3. That would be about the nett amount I pay in sgd.
  2. Cool blue stool! Which shop did u get it from? Your contractor seems quite good to be giving u 3d drawings n also good design. Can share the contact too? Thanks!
  3. Then came the last straw... which I by chance found out a couple of months later that might be related to his personal life.. which may or may not have affected his time/work management... but which I don't agree with.. so thankfully we chose the other contractor over him. Not that who we chose was perfect. She also dont really go down to site, dont take pics on watsapp to update us, dont really have design ideas, worker threw away an existing light which we had wanted to keep, sink alignment could have been thought thru first, painters really not so good... but she rectified all that we asked for la... so still not that bad.. so really. . Thete is no perfect contractor...
  4. Y he cant inform earlier i dint know.. but we still decided to wait anyway. The house was still owned by the sellers n they were still living in it at that time.. so this 1 hr inconvenienced them quite abit.. their maid was already leaving the house to fetch the kid home.. so we called the owner n he kindly allowed us to still stay in the house with the contractor to continue the viewing n discussions. Thruout the session his phone was ringing non stop but he didnt pick it up as he was with us.. n we started thinking if he had too many clients.. will he do thst to us in future after we hire him?
  5. reading through all the bad comments n feeling bad for everyone's ordeal with him . But at the same time glad that I didn't engage him in the end... I was actually deciding between him n another last april. His quote was more tempting as it was 10% cheaper but we were turned off by how bz he seemed to be. The day we arranged to meet him at the resale house to discuss, he was late for an hour! When I called him 15mins after our meeting time was due, he said his car broke down n would be late.. eventually he reached after an hour...
  6. Love the bathroom tiles! Wanted something like that too but hafary didnt carry it at that time.
  7. Nice play of colours! Where did the ladder shelf in the dry kitchen come from?
  8. The star living sales was really quite good!
  9. Your house looks bigger than the usual 5 room!
  10. Where'd u get the black white striped floor cloth from?
  11. The bedside table looks good! Wheres it from?