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  1. hello sleepybeauty! popped by to perv at your house, hahaha. you're done with reno! Silly me, totally out of touch on renotalk Loving the astroturf! I wanted some for the small balcony we have, but didn't want my dear dog to start peeing on it enjoy your home!
  2. Oops. I just saw this after replying your first post. Hahaha. Thanks for patiently scrolling through to find it! All the best for your reno!!
  3. I remember seeing that phone in some stores in Singapore, so you could check out local novelty stores. The brand is Wild & Wolf. Hope you find what you want!
  4. hello sleepybeauty! I know what you mean. But good question. I had to scroll back to find the paint because I forgot myself We used Dulux. The color's not mint though, it's more... sky blue with a green tinge? It's called Gentle Tide. You can find the pictures on this page - http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/52851-the-experience-our-first-home/page-7 As for the chair, the wooden one wearing the pink socks, I got it from Comfort Design. It was on sale; I think they were getting rid of past season stuff. Not sure if the design will still be available by now. But Comfort Design has a lot of chairs. You can still check them out - http://www.comfortfurniture.com.sg/products/ Thanks for visiting my t-blog! All the best with your renovation process!
  5. I must have been living under a rock to completely miss this piece of news. http://is.asia-city.com/shopping/news/crazy-discounts-francfrancs-closing-down-sale Francfranc is leaving Singapore by May! I quite liked some of their stuff, and own a few of their pieces. Pity the store couldn't stay. Good news is, they're having a storewide sale, 50% discount on a lot of their pieces. Though I read from some forums and comments that the nice pieces are sold out by now. No harm visiting if you're looking for stuff for the home!
  6. If I remember correctly, it should be about $100ish?
  7. I got it from Like That One. They stock vintage pieces, and a lot of their pieces are 1 piece only.
  8. Hi, are you trying to figure out how to load photos? You'll have to get a photo sharing account with Photobucket or the like and load your photos there, then grab the link to share it and paste it here. It's quite cumbersome Google+ used to work for me, but it doesn't seem to recently
  9. http://www.renotalk.com/read/15-beautiful-hdb-flats Got a pleasant surprise finding our home listed on the blog. Some of the other homes are so gorgeous! Who says HDBs can't be awesome.
  10. Some series of household videos for an electrical company. Think they're using our place for two of their series of videos
  11. Filming on a Sunday morning. Interesting to see all the big equipment in our kitchen. Haven't seen the house this bright ever
  12. Yes! I was soooo in love with it. The boy got it for me as a Valentine's Day surprise in the end. Now I'm itching for more of such Lego stuff Thank you for your kind words! Do you have pets too? They really add life to a home!
  13. You're referring to the little round ball on the floor in the living room? I got that one from Make Room Just a little warning though, the shape will change with time if you always sit on it. It's still very cute though