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  1. Less than $10k. The glass is the most expensive one. 

    1. sleepybeauty


      ok thanks, shall reconsider if i wanna get that change hahah

  2. Hi, do you mind sharing with me over PM how much did you get quoted to do the staircase?
  3. hello sorry for the late reply. i will PM you
  4. Hello, sorry i didn't managed to get any free shipping from amazon. I paid for the shipping unfortunately
  5. thanks guys! H&D sent me a copy of the magazine too! saves me the trouble getting a copy for myself as keepsake hehehe
  6. thanks! i have yet to get the print copy for keepsake... i subscribed to the digital copy for H&D actually hahahaha
  7. ya september issue of home & decor mag hehehe
  8. hi sharon, will pm you in a bit too. Thanks
  9. hi charco, i will PM you in a bit. Thanks
  10. u are most welcome. the adapter is being fixed by my the plumber thus im not sure where he get it from. however, i learnt from some forummer that U can get the adapter at city hardware in Joo Chiat. Cost only $2 - $3 it seems
  11. Hello dion, thanks for the compliments! the black ceiling fan is from RELITE, it should cost less than $200 if i'm not wrong i got it through my ID hence i don't have much details
  12. Thanks Songz! pictures are taken by my ID, good job on that! hehe