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  1. The string shelf was a gift. Think buy from overseas. Was flat packed. I know grafunkt sells string shelves. Have you checked them out?
  2. I bought two large items from overstock two years ago and everything went smoothly. It was air courier by DHL or something similar. Not that much savings on shipping of multiple large items though.
  3. Just want to point out some misconceptions 1. "You get what you pay for" - does not mean that when something is expensive, it is good quality. 2. Grohe 10 years ago is not the same as Grohe today 3. I'm sure chairs bought from Singapore also break:)
  4. Hi Sarah! Hope the post about color selection was useful Taobao items still going strong No rust on my sink/faucets/rainshower Sounds like there're a lot of changes at your place - post some pics!
  5. Decided to sell my living room rug. Brought in from overstock.com so it's pretty unique in Singapore. In good condition 8/10. No stains. Original price $240, selling for $100 Can view pictures in the link below http://carousell.com/p/29178781/
  6. I've just encountered a huge problem with the mitsubishi heavy industries sys 2 Basically it trips the electrical circuit constantly in my house Take a few days for their technician to come down - tells me need to replace PCB, heater coil and compressor My aircon is like 18 months old - so only compressor is covered by warranty But labour and the rest are not Best part they take very long to come back to me about the cost of repairs and haven't been able to get hold of them (always at lunch or in meeting). I got a third party opinion - an aircon company that installs and maintenance a variety of brands He tells me that MHI always has compressor problems. Usually about 2-3 years it will give out The symptom is cannot produce cold air Best part is that in order to replace the compressor, the replacement one has pipes that needs to be welded If the welding is lousy, then again not able to produce much cold air. One person's experience with this brand thus far. Please consider this before committing to this brand.
  7. Out of frustration, I'm posting a review regarding my aircon unit. It is a sys 2 from mitsubishi heavy industries. Unfortunately it has been giving trouble over the past few weeks - causing electrical circuit in my house to trip intermittently. Finally last week - these episodes of tripping has been getting worse so I finally got the agent technician to come down. Technician coming down is not covered by warranty ($$$) Basically three components in the outdoor unit need to be replaced - compressor, PCB (or motherboard) and heater coil. Only compressor is covered by warranty Problem is that the technician assessment is stupidly slow. Requires them to fill up a report and get approved from their supervisor Only after approval from supervisor then can quote you how much it will need to replace everything, including labour ($$$$$) Anyway I sought some third party advice - they install multiple brands and I've been told mitsubishi heavy industries aircon is most frequently encounter problems Compressor always breaks down and needs replacement every 2-3 years. Jialat. Very tempting to change the whole ac in my apartment. Letting new home owners and renotalkers know - please consider other brands!!
  8. Hi Renozilla, the layout is very challenging. Wondering how big is the square footage in the home, excluding PES?
  9. The layout proposed by the ID is quite odd to me There is no dining table or just a general surface where someone can sit at e.g. to eat. to do work on laptop/desktop etc There is an additional door between the kitchen and the yard which does not seem to serve any purpose. It eats into the kitchen space which is already limited The fridge is outside the kitchen which makes it inconvenient to take stuff out when preparing food and cooking
  10. I didnt buy those pipe lights in the end. Bulbs, I bought 5W, warm whites. Now I find 5W too dim. You can find his mobile number on his facebook page
  11. I have cement plaster in my kitchen surrounding my hob/hood as well as in the non-shower are of bathroom. Bathroom no issues. Dries up quickly. Was worried about oil splatter for kitchen. So far it is minimal. Aesthetically, it does have cracks but I really like that look. I would not recommend it if your expectation it will retain the look at day one.