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  1. Saw this new brand of drills selling at Giant Can't find any reviews on them online but the parent logo is a reputable USA company. Anyone here has any experience with them? Bought a cheap drill some time back that can't even go through my HDB walls properly. Wondering if these are OK or should I just buy a Black n Decker.
  2. Hmm, in that case why did the agent not do this previously and instead charged me over $300 for parts? Previously the aircon was simply not cold, now the gas tank has leaked EMPTY just a few months after "repair". Just spoke with them and they want another $200+ for "testing". I am getting fed up and may speak to CASE on this matter. Any others here who have had issues with Wo Kee Hong that would like to join in?
  3. I've come back to this topic I've started, need to complain some more... Last year Wo Kee Hong took my entire compressor unit back to fix. My first apptment with them to check my faulty aircon was in May (see 1st post in this thread). They finally only "completed" repairs in September. Now my aircon has stopped blowing cold air again. I just spent another $85 for them to check, only to find that the aircon gas is empty. Barely a year after hundreds of dollars of repair more **** is happening. I'm getting tired of this and wonder if I can take any legal action against them, or get CASE involved. Mitsubishi HI has been giving me problems all the way. Anyone have a AC vendor to recommend if I want to just change the entire thing?
  4. It is now August and... my aircon is still not fixed!! Since the 10th of July, the aircon seemed to be working a little better (still gets bit warm once in a while) so I called to have the temperature sensor replaced properly, as advised by the servicemen. I called twice. Twice I was received by some Filipino lady who said she would check my report number and call me back. I received no follow up at all. It was only this week that I called them and screamed why none of my attempts to follow up the appointments. Only then did they transfer me to someone else and made an appointment for me almost immediately. I'm really tired and sick of this nonsense, really regret buying the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries aircon. I've spent god knows how many half days of leave, phone calls and frustration trying to get this fixed and the agent Wo Kee Hong Marketing has been a bunch of useless time-wasters every step of the way. For new aircon buyers, please please please do yourselves a favour and stay away from this brand.
  5. Update for today: After I called to say that the aircon was still cutting off cold air, they never called me back. Finally had to call them again last Friday after 2 weeks of no response from them. The 2 servicemen came again this morning, and fiddled and twiddled with the aircon. They said that the previous guy who said the gas needed flushing was spouting rubbish (!!!) and they still didn't seem to know what the issue was. Finally, they tried changing the air temperature sensor and told me "to monitor" and left. So it's another week of testing the **** air con to see if their guesswork was right. Wa lau eh.
  6. Update: I called back to MHI after testing the "non-auto" settings for a week. That advice by the serviceman turned out to be rubbish. Nothing was solved. On June 11th they sent a new pair of servicemen to test the aircon system again. They said the PDB circuitboard in the compressor was wonky and that the piping installed by Hongtar might be faulty as there was a water gushing sound made by the aircon. So I made to make ANOTHER arrangement for them to replace the PCB and test the pipes. I was informed that the PCB "is not part of the compressor" so I had to pay $130 for it. As far as I know, my warranty covers 2 aircon units and the compressor and the PCB is fitted into the compressor so 'm not happy with this cheat that they're pulling. Nevertheless, I said replace it for now... Yet another group came on the 18th, and after replacing the PCB the water gushing sound stopped... so I guess they were wrong about the pipes. But they said they need to flush the aircon gas (WTF??) and I needed to make yet another appointment and maybe pay more. And guess what, that night, the aircon still malfunctioned and stopped blowing cold air. So the original problem was still not solved. I tried calling them but they said "report not in, we will call you back". That was Monday morning. Still no word from them. $215 and 3 visits later I am still having the same problem, and I've wasted at least 5 hours of my weekends waiting for them. Frankly I don't think they know what's going on and are "hantaming" solutions at my expense. I'm still not happy about the bull**** about the PCB not being part of the compressor warranty either. I would recommend to all aircon buyers to STAY AWAY from MHI. The product has been trouble for me and the service is terrible. I am going to give them a while more and see if this aircon thing gets solved. If they continue to do stupid things I will be sending CASE after them.
  7. Update: the repairman from MHI has come and taken my $85... and the verdict is - dunno what is wrong. His advice was to not use the "auto" settings on the remote control. ie, set the fan swing and speed manually. Said that using auto can cause the aircon to go cuckoo (!!!). Anyway I am testing this out right now, results are mixed so far. May have to call him in again. Frankly it's a bit stupid to have an "auto" feature on the remote and then malfunction when you try and use it...
  8. I have another thread highlighting some issues with the SCM60ZG-S barely after the warranty expired. Not sure if I would recommend it.
  9. No, just did servicing not long ago, also by Hong Tar. They told me no idea why it's so and told me to contact MHI for repair...
  10. Long time lurker here. Would like to share my experience with Mitsubishi HI aircon. Reno-ed my new flat in 2009. I looked here for recommendations and decided to get a 2 unit inverter SCM60ZG-S. Installed by Hong Tar. The warranty ended in 9/10. Recently, the aircon started giving me problems. It would run for 2 hours then the air that comes out would stop being cold. After a few more hours the aircon would turn itself off! We hardly use the aircon unless it's hot, so for the later part of last year around the end of the warranty didn't get a chance to test it. Just called MHI and they are coming this Saturday to have a look, at $80(!!!) charge for transport. Feel quite cheated that the thing is giving me problems right after the warranty has expired. Anyone else had similar problems, or have better repair recommendations?