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  1. Wow! Quite some time ago though, I really cannot remember how much I paid for it. I bought it at a shop at Tanjong Katong Complex. If you like Rhythm Clock, you can check out this watch/clock shop at Bras Basah Complex. It is on level 1. I believe it is called Heng Wah Watch. You can check that shop out. I saw a few Rhythm clocks there. Not sure about the prices there though. hope this helps!
  2. Hi! Sorry I haven't log in to this for a long time! Just saw there are some questions. Anyway, no. I haven't serviced it since I moved in. I haven't turned on the heater till it is too hot. I did notice that the water was a bit brown/yellowish for a few months. But now it is gone. My neighbour also had the same problem. So I reckon it is the water supply and not the heater. Hope this helps!
  3. Hi! Like to find out more about this. Does HDB allow installation of such locks to the mailbox? Is there any drilling involved?
  4. Hi all! Never thought I would post here again! Bought a few things recently. Finally gotten an office chair to replace the old Ikea one! This is a Herman Miller Setu chair. Delivered on Saturday. So far quite comfortable! Bought this poster from allposter.com. Frame from Ikea. I have read bad reviews of the website. Delivery was a few days later than promised, but I didn't have any problems with them.
  5. Hey! No wonder it looked familiar. Hipvan is selling it. Nearly got them, but didn't. Sorry no comments on it. I use the 3M Command hooks. They have clear hooks and clear tape. But of course not as stylo looking as Paste It.
  6. well I don't have it! Sony launched it after I bought my TV anyway, from what I understand, it is very similar to your phone. It is a smart TV for sure, but runs on the Android platform. You can also install apps using Google Play on the TV.
  7. hello! You can consider the Sony Android TV. That is if you are using an Android phone. You may like it
  8. very nice! curate them nicely and it will look like an art exhibition!
  9. Hello! I have a Dyson DC61. Came free when I bought my mattress! Works good. But because it is cordless, you have to charge it a bit. They have a newer model, but not sure the difference?
  10. Hey mate! You have an awesome selection of items! Love them, especially the posters. They are posters or actual artworks? Enjoy!