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  1. Phew, finally updated the first post with the final result. In the end I never had the discipline to keep a blog.
  2. Yes I noticed! But thankfully you annotated with a contents listing so I can skip right to the end and the one-year-later thoughts.
  3. Wow, congrats on your man cave Norman!! It's extremely well done especially given how affordable the renovation was. I liked reading your blog a lot - it is so accessible because it goes directly to the end (or near-end) result. Somehow I just don't care that much about the decision process or the physical journey - I just want to see the awesome final look dammit! Also it's nice to see a smaller mancave, I will also check out ryanyth's. A lot of the blogs here belong to larger 3-5 room apartments belonging to newly-weds. Sad to say I don't really share many common interests/taste with those homes!
  4. I would think so. I too thought of this option but I changed my mind when I realized it would make my space smaller.
  5. Wah!! so pretty! It's like a snow white palace. Must be a byotch to clean stains though? Thanks for tips on how to communicate with contractor; it doesn't seem as difficult as I thought.
  6. Thanks, and thanks! Could you drop me their url?
  7. Maybe April 2019. I noticed you attaching your mood board / inspiration pics, but do you have any 3D design or render? I'm very curious how you convey your ideas/desires/instructions to the contractor, since as you mentioned the contractor is not a designer.
  8. Cool!! I am in a similar situation as you. - I know my own design, I just need a contractor comfortable with Classical interior renovation. - My bathroom is similar to yours, but in dark shades. - My bed/living room is similar to yours, but in dark shades. I'll be following your blog and also keep in mind i) your contractor, ii) Te*g Ho*g.
  9. Window shopping (local) Gave up on shopping at local retailers for loose furniture. There is a far wider choice at taobao, or possibly custom-built overseas. Local retailers will remain my choice for fixed furniture like wardrobe system, cabinetry, tiling and even curtains, as they involve installation.
  10. Hi Bro. Like you, I would be working with contractors directly - as my good friend is designing the interior for me. I won't be going through an ID. Would you be able to share with me your contractor's details? As they obviously have done a good job.
  11. Well I guess I should have known I'd never been able to sustain a blog XP. Here's the final product - 1 bedroom + study, total 624sq feet, I didn't take any pics of the unrenovated balcony and store room. I knocked down the wall between the bedroom and living room so I just have a "Room". But the small study room remains for private alone time. Total damage S$45k before furniture and stuff like fake Versace cushion covers '