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  1. They were from a furniture design trade show , manufacturer's samples. :X
  2. sorry for the late reply, i don't visit here much anymore. The shelves can be bought online (much cheaper than buying locally) https://www.scandinaviandesigncenter.com/
  3. Thank you. After a year (yes that long) we decided that yes, the study needed blinds! (it wasn't THAT hot last year!)
  4. One year after moving in... chairs from woven+
  5. Thanks everyone Will be updating with the rest of the house when we (eventually) tidy those parts up also.
  6. Hi everyone, it's been quite long since i last updated. TBH, it's really because we have been so busy with work and pretty much just getting on with everything else that i kind of just put this build blog on the backburner. It's been almost half a year since we officially moved in and have already pretty much settled in. And unlike most renoblogs, our place has always been somewhat of a work-in-progress with us adding in new furniture items slowly as and when we need them. I would have wanted to share earlier but we've been too lazy to tidy up until only just yesterday, so since it's still tidy, i went to take some pics. Do note that the pics are not of a "brand new finished" project but of a place that has been lived in for almost half a year already. I do think it gives a nice representation of a real apartment. Enough words, here's some lite-pics. These are of the study, of which i have only just finished putting up the string shelves last week. We initially only used 4 units of shelves but i added a 5th to make it look more complete. We are still shopping for a reading chair to go in the bottom left corner of the shelf. The yellow rocky is from Everyday-Studio Thailand. Turning a problem into somewhat of a usable solution, the really big and tall bay-window was quite useless, so we slapped on a wooden counter-top and made it our study table instead. Of course we still need a pair of stools to finish it off, still shopping for them though. In the meantime, we just use the dining stools from the living room. Ferm Living shelf dorm shelf Finished off the walk-in wardrobe and guests toilet area with a noren from Japan. (Fixed with a $2 tension rod from Daiso!) Our outdoor space
  7. As promised, here's the pics for the finished living room console. After more than 2 months of waiting for the box. We've moved in for about 2 months now as well. Will be getting some cable tidies to hide the cables behind.
  8. Conclusion, just took delivery of my item. Condition is good and does not look like the display piece. Case closed. One interesting bit though, on the box, which has the brand/name/color of the crate box (Grafunkt in-house brand mind you), there's a sticker on the box "date of delivery, december 2014". Make of that what you will. Does finally taking delivery of my item restore any confidence i have in the shop? No. I will not be buying anything from Grafunkt anymore unless i am taking the actual pieces that are on the showroom floor or if it is a warehouse sale where i can cash and carry. For those interested in many of the smaller items Grafunkt stocks, visit https://www.scandinaviandesigncenter.com/ instead and save yourself quite a lot of $$$ and with free shipping above USD$200, save yourself all the hassle of arranging for delivery (which Grafunkt charges you $85 for). On the brightside, this delivery does pretty much mark the last of our main furniture pieces, so we can finally put everything into place. Will take some pictures once everything is done.
  9. Continuing from above, and so after mentioning to called i want to talk to his manager, he promised a call back. Fast forward 20 mins. Call comes in and turns out they HAVE 1 single piece of the item in stock that's not a display piece. Magic. Now to see if the delivery happens tommorow and if my items comes in good condition... (display item was scratched up) #notbuyingfromGrafunktanymore #scandinaviandesigncenterFTW
  10. SO NOW it is end of July, i called them last week to ask about my ****ing crate. They confirmed with me it is in and arranged delivery for ****ing tommorow. Just got a call today that said ITEM IS NOT EVEN MADE! *Production delay* again... WILL ONLY BE IN MID AUGUST. **** YOU GRAFUNKT. YOU DON'T CALL YOUR CUSTOMERS 1 DAY BEFORE DELIVERY TO TELL THEM ITEM IS NOT EVEN IN STOCK AND "PRODUCTION HAS BEEN DELAYED" ONCE AGAIN! **** YOU! FOR THOSE CURIOUS ABOUT THE SAID ITEM, HERE IT IS. A FRIGGIN BOX AND THEY CAN'T EVEN PRODUCE IT. Must be made of diamonds.
  11. Been a few weeks since my last post because we were just too busy before,during and after the move. And all the going out to buy household stuffs as well. Slightly more than 2 weeks in, there's still some last boxes to be unpacked. Will take some proper photos once we are fully settled in. A happy new purchase Tried it last Saturday and it worked great And pulled out some other vintage items to clean up and play around with. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The turntable and amps were supposed to go on our TV console BUT having a super crappy time with Grafunkt's service. Here's what's happened so far and my experience at Millennia Walk's Grafunkt store: - We visited Grafunkt Mid-May as per the post above and saw the console we wanted over the weekend. - Served by a sales rep Mr Z. We decided to think about it and after some discussion at home decided to go ahead and buy it. Since i had Mr Z's number, i called him up on a Monday. (Day of the post) - On the phone i told him i wanted to buy it, firmed up the price (they were having a 15% sale) and on the phone i mentioned i needed to have the console delivered on Friday (The day we are doing our main house move) He asked on the timing and we settled on a Friday afternoon delivery. - Since i was going down to the store to make payment, he mentioned he will be in the shop on Wednesday. I thought it was fine and i'll drop by on Wednesday instead of my planned Monday evening just to let him make the sale. - Arrived on Wednesday evening to Mr Z and was told part of the item i wanted was out of stock and the only piece was the display piece which had a few scratches and they can only give an additional 5% off if i took it. Decided against that and was informed that i can only receive that out of stock part end June. (1+ month away) - When arranging for payment he asks when i needed it delivered again. I told him Friday and then now he tells me he can't deliver on Friday. I was quite upset by now and i reminded him that i had already called on Monday to inform him our delivery date conversation on the phone. I was not going to budge on this point. In the end he promised that most likely he can arrange for delivery. (at $85 per delivery no less) - In the end just went for it. Paid at the counter and instead of the discounted price, was instead charged the full amount with no discount. This was something we would not have known had we not checked the receipt and had the bank not sent an SMS with the charged amount. So back n forth again, had to void the previous transaction and redo another one. By this point i keep quiet already and let my better half handle. She could tell i was way pissed. - Fast forward to early June (last week), i received a call from Mr Z. In my head i was thinking "OH, items arrived already?" Turns out NO. They cannot make the end June delivery because there's a "production delay" and now i can only receive it END-JULY. - Asked if he can do anything at all that can help the situation or at least make me feel not so crappy with giving him the sale, heck give me a discount coupon i also happy. No rectification no nothing. Nothing he can do, just a simple "sorry". - So now seeing if they will really make the end-July (2+ months after buying) delivery or continue screwing us. Srsly... It's not all brick-bats though, we had exceptionally good service frm a fellow named "Lucky" at the Grafunkt warehse sale. Had initially wanted to give him a call but i lost his number. Guess we ended up at the store with "Un-lucky" service huh. Maybe we needed to spend more $$$$$ to get better more attentive service. Thanks Grafunkt Millennia Walk for crappy service!
  12. Here (you can see the pic of the track light system): https://www.facebook.com/ThreeCubes?fref=ts
  13. Hello. Thanks. The stools/chairs from BKK? Still good, though we have not moved in yet and only drop by on the weekends so far. Still not sure where to put the rocky one though. haha... No we didn't have much problems shipping them back to SG as the stools were very very well packed up into nice big boxes and before going over we also read up on check-in luggage constraints to make sure everything can go in. Checked all 3 boxes in + 2 small luggages, just nice slightly over 40kg limit so no issues at the check-in counter other than some amused looks from the staff when they saw the boxes. I think there are also freight forwarding companies on-site if you plan to buy stuff at Chatuchak, so can check with them also. Thanks! Can be used as either We are going to use it as a bedside table (although no placing of cups/glasses cos it's angled)