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  1. hi hi, I let the HDB contractor do everything for the common toilet but only water proofing for my MBR toilet. I already communicated to the HDB contractor before hand, and during inspection together with my ID. So my ID briefed the Supervisor what he needed only to do was water proofing and changing the sewage pipe. The rest just leave it to my ID. I extended my toilet, so I feel more spacious now. Otherwise the original size is so squeezy that I think I would have claustrophobic. Anyway, ya I didn't couldn't get a long bathtub but I'm happy with the small size. Enough for me to soak half my body. I have a glass partition separating my bathtub and my basin area. So no water splashed out. The only thing is the glass would have water stains. So when doing housewarming, I have to clean the stains before guests come over. ps. I love my small bathtub. Most of the time so cozy, I would lie down soak for a while before I changed and go to work. There are days I would add wild lemons into the bathtub. Well as they say wild lemons help to cleanse negative qi from your body.
  2. Hi hi, here's the link: https://jiyoujia114556567.jiyoujia.com/shop/view_shop.htm?spm=a1z09.2.0.0.Wbe2sk&user_number_id=2272977779 I bought 300 x 300 & 300 X 600. Those 300 X 600 breaks easily. I wouldn't recommend buying from TB bigger than 300 X 300. Unless you want to risk and ask them use wooden crate box. Otherwise they are wrapped in papers. Even though they are happy to replace the broken tiles for you but it delays my work cos of the replacement delivery. Seriously, I lost count whether I saved or not.. I heard the tiles are not that expensive in Singapore. To save you the hassle maybe better to get in Singapore. Or JB? I haven't check JB out.
  3. I think dismantling is another cost included in my hacking down of the toilet wall/door. If you are not hacking wall, then should be cheaper?
  4. I love to soak. Never too hot a day to soak..haha Also when you feel luck isn't that good or got "dirty things" follow you, can cut some wild lemons and inside the tub to soak. Helps cleansing.
  5. nah..haha it was the same dining table. I pull it out to living room and extended it for house warming. My initial dining table was from TB but one of the corners was badly damaged. So I threw it away and bought the $100+ (extendable) one from IKEA.
  6. my bathtub and barn door from TB. The countryside feel basin + cabinet from TB too. The WC not from TB as it was a last min decision to change. So I got it locally.
  7. Hi, Sorry have not been updating cos I thought nobody read this blog..haha Anyway renovation done and here are the pics. Moved in for 2 months and so far so good. Enjoying my peaceful time alone.
  8. Everything is almost done. Tomorrow the bed and electronic stuff coming in.
  9. Haha yes., even without automation the switches are good to use. I like its soft touch and click click sound. Will set up the automation when I settle in.
  10. My vinyl flooring covering living room + 3 bedrooms is done.
  11. I kinda of regretted having such a big kitchen for a single guy. Discover too late that I could actually halve the kitchen into dry and wet area with glass door. Dry area for dining table. Bought my fans and storage heater from Tampoi JB. As in the photo. KompacPlus for my table top. As seen in the photo, I'm using 10.11 colour. The rest of the kitchen cabinet is just white. Not sure where the source from cos my ID arranged it. Not sure if he would reveal his sources.
  12. So exciting. My lights are up and working fine. My doors are installed. Totally love my track lights. Now the feel is coming...
  13. around $430 for the toilet glass door including installation. Not sure who's the contractor as it's under my ID package.