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  1. Lovely progress! Can i ask which tiles did u choose for the toilet? The dark marble looking tules. It looks so gorgeous!
  2. I'm also living in an EM! Good space! I think quote is in the range for EMs. I'm planning my 4room BTO now so can't help much.
  3. Hi guys, I am getting my bto flat next year. Wish to extend my hdb bto toilet. Wish to ask if anyone has wrote in to hdb and done this successfully before? I dont mind voiding the warranty and do waterproofing on the extended areas. Also appreciate if anyone has a letter template to write in to HDB on this too. Thanks much!
  4. Sembawang is a nice and quiet place to stay! Been a northie all my life and stayed near Sembawang mrt for the last 10 yrs!
  5. I like your bar top! Looks like a great place for coffee and a book! And the view is gorgeous!
  6. Can i ask what will happen if the 1st HLE is insufficient (even if taking cpf into account) and our income currently exceeds the ceiling before the bto is ready? Will we be (1) asked to take a bank loan and pay 20% down payment (2) be granted the insufficient 1st HLE (3) be able to reassess the HLE quantum using our new income? Thank you!
  7. exactly the same layout as mine! will be following your blog closely All the best!
  8. Hello all I am quoted the following for the corresponding items. May I check if these are too expensive? 1) Platform bed (254cm x 130cm x 30cm) - $2800 2) Full height shelf (130cm x 240 cm x ? cm) - $1750 3) Shift current built in wardrobe to another area (230cm x 240cm x 60cm) - $770 Thank you everyone.
  9. @Mannequin, when will u be ordering? Can we combine orders to reduce shipping if convenient?