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  1. Hi Blueygirls, Sorry I do not know the code for the tiles. I saw it at hafary at Eunos. You should be able to find from there. The cement screeding is not even. I had to TOP up to self level it so that I can do my vinyl at the bedroom. I saw from my project Facebook that you can ask the hdb contractor to do it for you too at an extra cost. Maybe you can check out both the price from your ID and the hdb contractor and compare.
  2. Hi Casey, Mine is about 2 CM. I heard from uniarm that not all will have this problem. Some of the people in the same project does not have issue. I Guess should be based on luck. My ID is Eric and Ben from Simplicity Interior. You can check out their Facebook.
  3. After handing over, it is time for cleaning up. We had spend some time cleaning up as we are a clean freak. After cleaning up, I had been busy arranging all the furnitures, the curtain and storeroom rack to be in. We got the rack from rack.sg. They had been prompt in replying. The guys are very fast and helpful. They came early on the day of installation, I had not cleared up my storeroom. They help me to shift everything one side and wait for me to clean up before they install. Within 10 mins, all had been setup. The curtain was install on Friday. As this is the first time installing blind, we had a lot of questions. The curtain maker had been very patient in explaining how to use the blind, the maintenance and how to clean them as well. Thumb up for his service. My renovation journey had come to the end. Some feedback about my ID. He had been prompt in replying my Watapps, accommodating toward my ever-changing ideas, he had also help me to fix up some items bought at ezbuy on goodwill. Though there are some hipcup here and there, it had been recitify within a reasonable time. I will definitely recommend him to my friends and relatives. It is photo time. I am very pleased with the end result. My ID requested to take some photos as part of his portfolio. We agreed and this is the end product
  4. Day 27 The carpentry is almost completed. I will say it is up to my expectation. My girls are very excited about their platform bed. The vinyl will be install tomorrow. After which, the toiletries and the lighting will be up as well. The Gain City went up to install the aircon. They went for two trips, 1 is the installation of the aircon piping and today is the installation of the aircon. I will be seeing a more completed look next week. After that, will be the most tedious part, washing and cleaning the house. Luckily, my girls will finish their exam next fri. We are going to have our family outing at our house, cleaning for the house as our activity. Lol The living room The shoes cabinet The dining table Kitchen The girls room Master Bedroom
  5. Day 18 to 22 The gas piping was installed last wed. The gas heater can be installed near the toilet which mean I am able to stack the dryer with my washer. So there is a hole in the place which I originally plan to put my dryer. Therefore I intend to put the laundry basket there. I meet the curtain maker on sat. I will be doing Venetian Blind in the living room, night curtain in my girls room and day and night curtain in my room. Total damage: $930. Below is the material chosen for the night curtain. Uniarm was installed on my main door on Sun. Thumb up for their service. They are punctual, able to give great advice and they are very fast. They have to do a little hacking as the GAP wasn't big enough to install. They wanted to ask my ID to do if they do not charge. Anyway, to save the hassle, I get them to do all instead. My ID had revised the 3D for the TV console and the shoes cabinet. I had decided to change the Colour as I wanted to keep the Colour simple. I had been bombing lots of photos from renotalk to my ID and had been changing the design again and again. Haha my ID is very accommodating and did not complain at all. The end result is what I wanted. I am very satisfied. I am able to see the end product very soon hopefully by this week. Painting was completed on sat as well. Very efficient. I am very pleased with the Colour we chosen. Haha forget to take the photo though. The Reno will probably be completed in 2 weeks time
  6. Day 9 - 13 Installation of aircon piping, electrical wiring and window grille in the girls room had been done last week. Only intend to do window grille in the girls room as they have platform bed in their room which will be quite dangerous if we don't install. Unless we get nagging from my inlaw, if not we shall not do the rest of the window, LOL Below is some photos update. Day 16 As we are using tiles in the living room and vinyl in bedroom, there is an uneven (tiles are thicker than vinyl so the height different) between the bedroom and the living room, thus we need to do self levelling before putting the vinyl. So workers are here to do the cement screeding for the bedroom. We will have to TOP up for that. The ID mention that there is unevenness in the screeding done by hdb and it will cause problem later on if we don't do self-leveling. The other cheaper alternative will be putting a cap in between the living room and the room which we do not want. No choice Day 17 The Citigas people should be installing the gas piping yesterday. There were some miscommunication on their side and they did not bring along the gas heater so they left without doing. Luckily they had reschedule tomorrow, the appointment now is schedule till June, faintz.... I understand from my ID that they are doing the partition today. I might probably drop by this weekend to see the progress. The schedule next week will be painting and carpentry if nothing cropped up. We are on the right track, I suppose we will be finishing latest by mid May. Putting my finger cross.
  7. Hi, I got the tiles from Hafary. This was recommended by my ID as we wanted a 'hotel' feel for our toilet. We love them too. The actual tiles look like this.
  8. Day 5 Tiiling work is almost completed. I love my tiles for both the toilets and the living area. They will wrap up everything tomorrow. Electrical work, installation of aircon piping and installation of the track for my girls bedroom sliding door will be schedule next week.
  9. 3D Drawing My ID sent my the 3D drawings today. I love my girls' room and the dining area. However, the colour combination of the TV console look weird. We had a long discussion and concluded that it might be the tea colour glass shelving or the horizontal line that made it weird. It look perfectly fine on the shoes cabinet area. He will be making amendment. Putting my finger cross that everything will turn out fine.
  10. Finally, the cement screeding is completed on Saturday. Hooray, the renovation can finally start. Day 1 The renovation officially start today. They start with doing the mortar base for my kitchen. They will be starting laying the tiles for living room and toilets tomorrow.
  11. Some updates over the week. I had finally place the order at ezbuy for all the lights, some toiletries, dining chairs and some decor stuff. I had purchase my Queens size storage bed and mattress and my girls single mattress from slumberland. We had a meetup last week with my ID to select the carpentry laminates. He had given us many ideas and was patient as we were indecisive which to choose. He say he will provide us the 3D drawing early next week. HDB promised to do the cement screeding on Mon. I got a call from them last Sat to inform that they will be loading the material to my unit. I went over on Tuesday, nothing was done, not even the material can be seen. I called the officer in charge and she say she had mistaken me as the other block. Oh my, I had arranged the renovation to start next Monday. The 开工 schedule on sat. I called the officer now no answer and no reply of message. My schedule going to delay again.
  12. Items Shortlisted I saw their sofa and dining bench online on Castlery. I had yet to go down to see the actual item. What I like about the sofa is that all covers can be washed and it is not too big. My ID say the longest I can get is 1.8M. Electrolux Washer / Dryer I am looking at 9kg washer (EWF 12933) so that I can wash my Queens size quilt. I am in a dilemma which dryer to buy: heater pump dryer (EDH3786GDW) which is more costly but save electricity in the long-run or the condenser dryer (EDP2074PDW) which much cheaper. Anyone have any review about the Electrolux dryer? TV I had shortlisted the LG UHD SMART TV 49UJ632T. My girls love the smart tv as they can watch their youtube and toggle on at the TV. The mouse type remote is also the reason why they love this TV so much. I will get it at one of the neighbourhood shop as it is much cheaper. Cooker hob, Cooker hood and Oven As my mum's house is using Fujioh Cooker hob and hood and it is of a more affordable range. I didn't research much. I just buy SLM-900 (hood), FG2792 (hob) and FV-EL51GL (oven). Ceiling Fan We saw the fan in the toiletries shop, the wind is quite cooling. My ID say that the fan is good so we didn't research much too. It is the Amasco Fan with light. We bought 3, 1 for the living room and other 2 for bedroom. The living room one is the one with 5 blades, the bedroom is with 3 blades. Toiletries I bought the toiletries with my ID at a shop he recommended. We bought 2 stainless steel basin cabinets, 2 single glass shelf, 2 toilet paper holder, 2 towel rack, 2 rack to put shampoo, 1 rainshower, 1 kithen sink, 1 sink tap, 3 ceiling fans, 1 cooker hood , 1 cooker hob and 1 oven. Total damage is $3,700. Beds I am very headache over what brand of bed to buy. We shortlist one from the Singapore Expo fair, went back and research and find many bad reviews. So back to square 1. Haiz..... Lightings We will be buying all the lights from ezbuy. I had already shortlisted what I want and will buy it soon. There is a long list of items so not going to list them all there. Gas Heater I had just submitted the order for ferroli PRIMA FE 10 from the citygas website and had arranged online appointment, will be waiting for them to call me to arrange a date for installation. Air-con We got our air-con from gain city. We are looking at the Mitsubishi starmex, but it is out of stock. The next batch will be in mid june I think, we cant wait for that long. No choice, get the Mitsubishi heavy industries which are equally good according to my husband's friend from gain city. What did I left out to buy? I will not be buying fridge as I will be using back my old fridge, old TV also for my room. The new one will be place in the living room. My fengshui master also get back to us to 'start work' on 7 April, sat.