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  1. Hi, Just got my 1st quote. Pls feel free to give me comments and advise if the pricing given are accordingly to market rate.
  2. Some pictures of the current condition. Major reno will be done, we will only keep and vanish the parquet in the bed rooms. Stay tune for my wife to update.
  3. Hi All, Just exercise the OTP for a new EM in Kim Keat hence would like to start this T-Blog for my Wife who will be looking after the renovation. We hope to get some comments on quote, reno and at the same time share with fellow forumers on the progress of our reno. We are a family of 6 with 4 children (3 gals and 1 boy) and this new place is an upgrade of our 4 room flat in AMK. We brought this place for the following reasons, 1. Near my parents who are taking care of my children 2. Near my elder gal CHIJ TPY School 3. Within 1KM of Peichun which we hope can put our boy when he is primary 1 Something about this Kim Keat Unit; 1. Floor Area: 146 sqm 2. Block 257 3. 25 Years old Do feel free to give us some comments. Thanks. Jeremy
  4. Wah.java script:ShowHide('qr_open','qr_closed'); This creation looks very good. Just like what i am looking for. But is yet to be launch. Thanks
  5. Hi Thanks for the advise Is there any machine or device worth investing that can do the job other then getting a part time maid or going to the laundry often. Thanks
  6. Hi, Is there such a device that can replace our ironing chore, something like a Auto Clothes Ironing Machine? Where i can put in the clothes, press the start button and the clothes will come out all ironed? I am asking this coz i am really sick of ironing the clothes so hope that there is something out there that can relieve me of this chore. Pls kindly advise. Thanks
  7. I have been using their hood and hob since jan 2009. No complains so far. We have purchased them from Harvey Norman coz they are on discount during a sale in Expo. We only paid about 400 plus for the hood and hob as its a display set. Thanks. Jeremy
  8. after cleaning of 1 whole day by the contractor and using almost the whole body of magic clean.... Its better but..... Footprints still visible lo.... Haiz.... But i got warranty and gurantee from the laminate company that if by 6 months the footprints dont go off, then they will need to change the floorboard to a lighter color.....
  9. Hi Thanks for helping to ask ur ID. I will check the following things with my Laminated flooring provider. I do not have walk in wardrobe but build in wardrobe. =) Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the compliment for my kitchen. The bed is just outside the toilet as thats the only place where we can place the bed. We do not mind about feng shui. Just that we will try to keep as far as possible from the toilet entrance. Maybe what u can do it to close the toilet door every night before going to sleep. The pic with bed can only be taken after delivery which is scheduled on the 10 jan. Yap, we have a build-in wardrobe. My walk way is just nice for walking since as we wall mounted the TV. Thanks! Jeremy Yah lor. All because of the laminated flooring that delayed handing over of the house from my contractor. but all along my contractor;April has been very helpful in getting the defects corrected.
  11. The entire thing is galvanized iron including the plank.
  12. As most of the things are done, Now is the time to clean my storeroom hence i will need racks in my storeroom. I got a couple of quotes for different materials; PVV, Wood, Chrome and Galvanized Iron. Eventually i decided on Galvanized iron. The installation will be done tmr between 3pm to 4pm. Hope everything will turn out ok. The galvanized iron are from Sim Win Liang. The total damage is 500mm x 1000mm (The small L) + 400mm x 1000mm (the Big L) = $129.50 + $117.70 = $247.20 Thanks!
  13. Dear all, I have decided to get galvanized iron from Sim Win Liang. The total damage is 500mm x 1000mm (The small L) + 400mm x 1000mm (the Big L) = $129.50 + $117.70 = $247.20 Installation will be done tomorrow. Thanks!
  14. Dear all, Anyone has any contacts to get those chrome racks or better material? btw are chrome racks good? I have called 1. Yee sin Their's are all PVC board and i do not want PVC. 2. Wah Yew Shelving & Racks They have the chrome shelves and its cost $269 450mm (D) x 1200mm (L) + 450mm (D) x 450mm (L) = $152 + $97 + $20 (Delivery) = $269 Any comments on the prices? Thanks!