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  1. Ok I'll try suggest to my contractor again! I can't PM you too but I've cleared all the rubbish in my inbox; hopefully can PM now. Also love your blinds; can suen bian share the vendors? Haha
  2. Love the light at your main door! My contractor says the area outside belongs to TC so he can fix if we insist but if they come, we have to remove it. Should I risk it? Also, may I have the contact of your windows contractor? Thanks so much
  3. It's all coming together! May I know how much is the Rubine instant heaters? I may take over your shower set if I'm going for storage heaters - saw a few IDs who recommended instant heaters instead.
  4. Hey @KFC1189 May I ask where did you get the planters on the left? Went to your blog to check it out but didn't see any info on it. Sorry to barge in your blog fifteenmay!
  5. I guess the costs will be cheaper than full carpentry *thinks hard* lol love your posters btw, tempted to get the luncheon meat but I'll prolly crave luncheon meat all day errday if I have this! haha
  6. Great tip on the grouting! actually I was referring about the grains 'not matching' as I assume it will probably be bad-breaking and time-consuming for the tiler to try to match the grains as much as possible plus the suppliers will just deliver the tiles as per what they get too. just thinking on how to get around this. lol
  7. great idea on the wire shelving for your wardrobes! how is the maintenance now? wondering if the dust will get trapped between the grooves too
  8. Hi! Could I trouble you for the contact for the windows contractor> Thanks so much!
  9. Hey SlothQueen, That would be great; thanks so much! Do update with pictures so can see the end product; so exciting!
  10. So matt paint is the way to go? Could I have your ID's contact and quote too? Looking for someone creative as I've met a few IDs and I think they're actually project managers and not thinking out of the box, giving me the same old plans instead of ideas I can't think of myself. Haha
  11. I too prefer cement support for sink but some IDs told me not good for maintenance, will have cracks and whatever rubbish. Are you leaving the concrete top as it is? Is it the sides are concrete too and then tiled? How much did your contractor charge you for the cement base? I'm hoping cost can be the deciding factor! lol
  12. Your place is sooo cosy and very different from usual concrete scandi etc! How are your painted doors? They look matt in the photos so the paint will probably not drop off easily? My current doors are painted with glossy paint and the lightest scratch will cause the pain the drop off so I probably will not paint any doors for my new place.
  13. How do you like your floors after moving in and seeing them day and night? I'm asking as I really love wood floors but I have dogs so I can only consider 'wood tiles' but after seeing so many houses with 'wood tiles', I'm not sure if I can take the 'disconnected' look of the wood tiles ( the tiles have a limited length right?)
  14. Very detailed look-book! looking forward to see your reno updates but how did you get your contractors to quote before you collected the keys? My friend was telling me better to collect keys first so contractors can give a better (accurate) quotation after seeing the place with measurements.