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  1. Anyone who has any contacts of any of the contractors and IDs please PM please. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey there, Beautiful home! I pm=ed you for the contact and quotation.
  3. Hi, I PM-ed you about to aks about the contacts. Thank you in advance.
  4. : ( I actually like the rustic look of the door. It has a certain vintage charm to it. I would actually paint the door the same colour as your kitchen cabinet but give it a more vintage wash. And paint the lock gold. haha.
  5. Hi, I am newbie to the forum. I would like to ask for some opinions and recommendations. I am receiving my keys next week, 4 room BTO at Punggol Waterway, and I chose to keep the HDB flooring and tiles. I am going for the parisian chic apartment, the one with moulded wall panels and a gilt gold mirror. However my budget is low at $20k and lower. Here are some HDB BTO french design inspirations: From the blog at http://dayre.me/serenaong/ISBhoTdq38 the designer quoted this design to be around $60-$80k. I also like to take inspiration from another BTO example, From this forum at http://renotalk.com/forum/topic/70330-classic-european-american-mixed-home/?page=4 , on renotalk. This cost about $40k according to the poster. Few key elements that I want to have, is: 1) the wainscoting aka chair rail paneling 2) a classic/shaker kitchen cabinet (not the flat laminate) Any recommendations for contractors? or suggestions? I read that IDs are more costly and that would not help me with my <$20k budget. Thank you in advance.