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  1. Anyone know where to buy small sailboat (帆船) to put on table? Any specified color or size if it is a gift for new shop opening?
  2. Your staircase handrail using metal? will it rust after years?
  3. Hi guys, Can share where you guys bought cheap lighting? Any JB store recommended? Industrial theme lighting.. Thanks
  4. Hi, where did you find the option 1 lighting?& may I know where did you get the dining crystal light from?PM me price & link?TIA
  5. Hi, can I have the TB link you get your dining chair & table? Thanks.
  6. Hi, May I know which option to choose for your 3. industrial pipe wall light? Cos I click the link only have 2 option, one is 光源每个18 (13) & the other one 不带光源 (563) Also, whick option you choose for 10. LED bulbs shop? How many walts & what color?
  7. @XG6T Yeap Looking for this kind of feeling.. Is it started to crack already? So after paint wouldn't have any problem with moisture in bathroom?
  8. Hi, may i know where do you get the light beside your console & how much is it?
  9. Yah, agreed.. Was thinking if not happy with it just remove and paint my wall..
  10. Any 3D wallpaper to make the visual look more realistic? Emmm...
  11. Hi, as you mention is the kitchen wall done by easy plaster to get the cement screed feeling as picture above?