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  1. Solid Wood Dining Table (180cm x 90cm) As good as new condition, beautiful walnut wood grain design. Comes with a drawer at each side, total 2 drawers. Suitable as a 6 Seater or 6 + 2. Easy to assemble. Definitely quality that's worth every cent. This table is imported from overseas, not available locally. Selling as I've got a new 200cm table to replace. This was used only for a couple of months before shipping to Singapore. Never used since then. Costs $2K++ when bought new. Item has been disassembled, ready for moving. Viewing is available for genuinely interested parties. Thank you. Selling only the table. Bench not included. Priced at only $598.
  2. Priced at $2288 The Double collection is designed by Dutch designer Angela De Geus and is characterized by the double legs, giving the Double Dining table an unmistakable solid presence. The height of the table can be lowered upon request and there are 2 positions that the legs can be adjusted to. Placing the legs closer to the center means more legroom for people seated at the 2 ends. Seats 8 persons comfortably. Width 180 cm Depth 90 cm Height 76 cm Brand New and not even assembled. No longer in production, only available upon special indent which requires a lead time of 4 months and a higher price tag. Solid walnut wood. Selling as found it to be a little tad short after measuring my dining area dimensions, so I bought another identical table but in 200CM. Viewing available for genuine parties only. Priced to sell, not enough space to keep at home. Sadly. Its still boxed up and not even unwrapped yet. This is an absolute beauty not to be missed! The walnut wood grains are really stunning and exudes or should I say oozes beauty from every angle. Especially when you get to touch and feel it, the wood is finished with a matt satin surface.. Smooth and extremely appealing. Attention: Listing is for the sale of the table only! Bench not included nor for sale. **Item listed is brand new and unassembled. Photograph shows the 2.0M table.**
  3. haha chio leh... i only have 4 that has led.. the red led for heater switches haha. 1 for fan, 2 for hob & hood, 1 more for storage heater.
  4. I bought this coz of the colour as well. Lol... all the white ones straight away struck off the list. Yep yep about the front load. But have to be careful with suds and water from getting into the little hole at the panel where the door latch closes. Hear the salesman saying if water gets in, the circuit board or panel might get "fried" and then it's not under warranty.. something like that.
  5. You can try Legrand, Schneider... many hardware shops do carry these brands.. for those retro old school or industrial theme, MK brand has this silver grey box/panel kind.
  6. Hi there, Saw your beautiful kitchen photos. Would like to check with you regarding the wooden plank that is just below the top cabinet row where you have the power points. Did you install that there so as to hide the box for the power points? How thick is it, do you happen to have any pic of how it was installed?
  7. Wah and the shop I went to, told me Fujioh SG only bring in the 900. >.<" Bump for you.
  8. I went down to start taping up the painter's tape for preparation of painting of the striped walls. Really lack the patience haha, my walls are uneven and crooked so it really adds to the difficulty. I even went to IKEA to get their paper measuring tapes and taped them together, thinking it would be easier, but still no. lol... last resort, went to my uncle to borrow a secret weapon.... this little laser device that does alignment and projects the lines onto the walls.. lol.. gonna try it out tomorrow.
  9. Waiting for track light. Changed colour again.
  10. Probably 2 remote drivers not working, lol. fail to sync with the wireless remote to change colour. Same thing here.
  11. Super impressive. Lots of concentration, focus, patience and time needed... W-O-W.
  12. wow, that's gonna be quite a bit of work. haha. thank you very much. will try that after we're done with all of the base paint.