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  1. I want to get a flat. So i need to register Intent to Buy There is a part where say Please provide the average monthly household income for the past 12 months: so is mean salary x 12 / 12 (excluded AVS & bonus) or i should included my family? but i am buying the house alone/. Would really appreciate if anyone can offer some direction, especially the order of process. Thanks in advance! *nv sigh OTP when the valuation is not out yet
  2. it been a year.. i want to ask epoxy paint will peeing a not ? think of paint the kitchen floor only
  3. Hi can i have the sediment flooring contact? sediment flooring & epoxy coating nt same right?
  4. oh i see... i do hope the hack can retain the tile which is below the base... but depend on the worker skill...
  5. i asked quotation for hacking.. hack level n cement bk $150 - $200 Some one warn me about repairing any damage to the waterproofing? I mean, i just hacking the base.. what up abt the waterproof
  6. it a Sponge......... clean quite well but if u want detail clean, i think is better to paint over.
  7. Anyone had this issue/?? My house had done the HIP, i complain abt the bi-fold door they installed. they say my parent HDB old house the tiles is not straight!.. now they use their NEW measure and match my parent old house.. when they lay the tiles it already very un even on the side of the wall in the door "part''... if they did not do well it will make it uneven when u install bi-fold door as shown on my image..... now they say it our house problem! say the solution is to adjust toilet "hurt'' tiles? say the bi-fold door is straight.... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  8. i went to hardware shop than uncle tell me to buy this for my heater, what is this?? i open up and see, actually nth special inside after google search, i found tht this is call 20Amp Connection Unit. My parent hdb will be having HIP upgrading for their toilet.
  9. U may want to try Melamine Sponge. can remove quite well.. buy 1 @ diaso to try.. and buy mass bulk in aliexpress as is more cheaper. as for grout, it can clean also but some of the dirty cannot be remove so u may want to relay the cement?
  10. Hi I like to ask which one is good? good as in for kitchen cabinet? can stand heat, waterproof. those
  11. Can go where to purchase? I looking for colours glasse, like tea color, black rather than those transparent clear glass.
  12. i had a very old cabinet wood. i want to remove the lamination and smooth the wood surface.. if dont have the sand machine , i use sand paper can a not?
  13. huh need to soldiering! ya i know soldiering but quite ma fa if need to soldiering
  14. Hi any expert here i looking at this. http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=937.1000770.1000419.1.t7wLVt&id=24476936078&asker=wangwang&wwdialog=bbxxbbmc&ad_id=&am_id=&cm_id=&pm_id= any idea if the led bulb spoilt how to replace?