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  1. hi.. got contact?? total 33 page but no contact
  2. Anyone had lobang? Seen quite ex.. Only do bottom
  3. I asked.. resale 3room 1 colour Primer + paint for $900+
  4. how come rewire got diff price with same quote?? some can even have 1-1.5K diff?? asked 1, can even give me $4200 before gst. I dont even had any track light. 11 - 13 AMP Double Power Point 2 - Heater Point 1 - Aircon Point 1 - Cooker Hood & Hob Point 3 - LAN Point 6 - Lighting Point 1 Set MCB Board
  5. outside i dont care (outside hard to make it nice nice as they are doing from inside) .. but inside had to be flash level haha
  6. The house is around 30yr+, and i just want to overlay. Since is an old house, 1. i dont want the hack to cause more damage 2. Higher the kitchen floor
  7. I got a Resale 3room, so there is 2 side of wall. I wont install top cabinet, so only has bottom cabinet (the more cabinet, u will put more things!) I seldom cook, maybe will like 2-3 per week or even lesser. I am now decide to do Without or With Wall Tiles.. Had mixed reviews haha. If i Put tiles is nice but ex.. but on long run, one day the tiles will also crack. Install backsplash but what abt other side of the wall? The hairline cracks, i think depend what paint u use ba? (if use paint, must use oil base sealer? i think WATER-BASED SEALERS is better?)
  8. Hi all... I got a 30yr old resale flat which the kitchen wall is half tiles. I had a idea is i dont want the kitchen to be full tiles.. and only want the center part to be tiled on both side (as part of the wall design and also for kitchen cooking/sink backing) . Will only had bottom cabinet, no top cabinet. Full wall will need to do plastering as i want center tiles & wall to be leveled. Will also overlay the floor tiles. 1. Do u think is idea that i remove the half tiles myself and ask contractor to plastering it ?? Because i see most pic, some kitchen which is half tiles, the contractor dont hack the one without tiles.. 2. If ask them to do remove the half tiles... they will charge me FULL WALL?
  9. anyway i hack already.. everything was good... only few surface tile come out but can easy plaster over