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  1. Any reviews on Hong Bin Carpentry? M thinking to engage them for cabinets, wardrobes n carpentry stuffs. Appreciate past customers reviews if any, share your experience, their work, schedule and if delivers up to expectations
  2. Thanks a million! Will search Carousel for desireee
  3. Hi, I have 2sets of fibre optics lights which I want to install on ceiling. M looking for leads if anybody here has done it or gotten contractors to do it for them?? My place gonna do full Reno soon so I'd like to incorporate the fiber-optic lights as part of the cove light & false ceiling feature. Unfortunately my electrician doesn't know how to do & won't attempt it (he's a retired old uncle doing part-time rewiring works) so I won't push him into something he is not familiar with. M hoping someone here who has these fibre optics lights can shed some light (pun intended ?) & help point me to someone who can do installation for me. Very gum-sia arigato thank you
  4. Hi all, even tho my unit is on 8th floor of 13 storey HDB but water pressure is still less than desirable. I notice pressure is weaker for mbr toilet, compared to common toilet. Kitchen sink has comparatively better pressure than common toilet. MBR toilet's pressure is only slightly better during few hours between 2-4pm n aft 1am till 4am funny but that's the case I noticed. Anybody has ever install booster pump to increase the flow/pressure? I know it's illeg but maybe some might have done it? I saw some booster pump being posted on fb marketplace,carousel and ezbuy too. So wondering if workable & does it really boost up the flow??
  5. I'm oso using Joven (think it's 30l) & oso searching for timer & how to do it. Bro Hdb4ever, m keen to read your blog unfortunately dunno the link to it.
  6. Anybody knows whats the current rate psf for lightbox/false ceiling if direct from factory (not reno company)?