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  1. Hahaha... I don't know if the interior are considered flash level now but definitely doesn't look like it is to me. Or maybe it is just me being too picky?? 😂
  2. Thanks for the detailed explanation!! Understand that anything exterior belongs to HDB and that they can't do any painting as well. But the jagging edges are really an eyesore. I have tried looking at other units' windows from the outside (those who had done windows replacement) and I haven't seen any that's done so poorly. Interior wise, the plastering/cement is really bad and some windows are bulging out and not aligned with the wall. Really wasn't expecting such workmanship from such a reputable ID company.
  3. Hi, I bought a resale flat earlier this year and engaged an ID company for my renovation. There has been a lot of challenges with the ID company from appointment till now and one of the issues I have been trying to resolve is the windows installation. I personally find the workmanship really bad but was told by the ID that this is the norm in the market. A friend of mine is currently renovating her place as well had her windows installed and the workmanship is way neater and nicer. I will be really grateful if anyone can give me some advise and feedback on this. Whether the workmanship is really bad or if I am just being too particular/demanding. This ID company is one of the big ones in Singapore and I am paying quite a sum for renovation. Below are photos of the windows. FYI, the workmanship actually looks worse in actual than what's showing on photos. Really appreciate any help from anyone. Many thanks!