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  1. Hi, on my invoice, I am quoted 10A lighting points, but there wasn't any rewiring done, I.e., used back same wire and change socket. Is this still counted as lighting point or should be socket replacement instead? And if so, what's the expected cost? Also, for power points, is it counted by gang or point? It seems that the contractor is charging by point (13A) irregardless whether is single or double. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, my parents had placed a deposit with a contractor before phase 1 lockdown. During the period, they did not get any calls from the contractor. After near start of phase 2, my parents had difficulty contacting the guy until my mother finally used a different phone number to call. It is then that he agreed to come down to confirm what to be done. Even then, the first appointment was a no-show, and he only came after calling again repeatedly. His excuse was that he was in court and his phone was off. (To me, seems like a red flag). Afterwards, he agreed to start work on Monday, but again no show and no sound. My parents called him repeatedly but cannot get him. Then my mother finally called the office landline and got him. But his reply was that he will call to arrange 2 days before starting...seems wierd that customer needs to wait for contractor to decide start date? Also, in between, he kept mentioning that costs is more expensive now since workers are more expensive....since we have paid deposit, shouldn't the old price still stand? Frankly, I don't feel comfortable with such a contractor doing the work, but my parents are concerned about losing the deposit, which is close to 7k. Should I advise them to just forget about it? Can we raise to CASE? Thanks