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  1. Hi Sis & Bros , Its been a busy year for me as seriously its not a smooth year too,as saw quite a few friends got retrenched. I decided to look for a contractor to save money for my new house at Sumang Walk which i just got my keys not long ago , went looking around and some friends introduced me their previous designer and contractor which i feel that price is still not within my limits,as i want to save some for rainy days. Luckily my boss introduced me the contractor whom done the renovation and carpentry for our offices name Mr Tan. I called him up and make a appointment with him at my new house,at first i thought he was a very old uncle but to my surprise its a 40-50 year old man,he worked in factory since young with his partners,we went through the house and he also give me some opinions on how to save money and mechanism to use. To my surprise when he came out with his quote,its the lowest among all contractor and designer among all my friends that intro me, but what i like most is,he help me look for Hood & Hob ,electrical appliances and also beddings which prices is affordable and lower than what i can find.Initially i thought he did get commission from those shop that he introduce me but when i gone to those shop,i did not say who referred me so i just walk and ask prices without mentioning his company or his name.The prices is good and indeed he is honest as no commission was covered to him.I signed my package with him and he even brought me to his factory to choose Laminate colours and also vinyl flooring colours. Finally settled my house reno and can happily proceed to my next step of life. I introduce him to two of my other friends whom also got their keys and the feedback was good,my friend say price good and also give them alot ideas on how to save money . Lucky to found him,thank God