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  1. A little update for all, our carpentry works have been installed. The house finally doesn't look so empty now! And hubby and I looooove it! Esp the tv console, looks exactly like the render! Can we just say we are so thankful for our id throughout this journey for helping us so much since we are obviously very inexperienced (first home afterall). Our id guided us along the way, and not just design our house then that's it. Would highly recommend to young couples out there, don't worry you will be in good hands! Tried and tested by us haha Living Room Now we're just waiting for our wallpaper and glass backing in our kitchen to be installed. I've also finally started packing my stuff, omg I have so much junk I don't even know where to begin.... Hubby and I have been really busy sourcing for some last minute household stuff as well but thank goodness the end is finally in sight we are so excited! Can't wait to show you all the finished result, with all the furniture in place and etc. Hope all of your renos are going well!
  2. Quick update for all, our carpentry work is done! They arrived yesterday and the contractors have started installing them. Finally the house doesn't look so empty anymore!
  3. Hi Donno, Thanks for the comment! Haha... I'm not a FSM so I can't really advise you on that . The slant is 6cm away from the original door frame in case you're wondering! I think you might find this threads under this section useful; there are a few threads which are related Hope it helps!
  4. Hi Pomme, Thank you for the well wishes! Ya we are in Sky Terrace! But like you said, our view from the living room is going 2 be blocked in 2 years time . We kind of expected it since the land area is quite big. But no problem la, hubby and i are very lucky and happy to get Dawson already. Can't be too greedy right? Can't wait to see skyville in the near future too! I'm sure it will be awesome!! Hope you will like your new place!
  5. Hi Kyooko! You're too kind! Thank you! I also can't wait to see how everything turns out! Hopefully it will all be good
  6. Hi myimaginaryhome, Thank you for your comment! Both hubby and I are very used to open shelving. We have the Billy bookcase from Ikea for so many years already haha. Hopefully that gave us abit of training hee hee
  7. Hi El Loco! Sorry for the late reply. No, I don't think the ceiling we have is any higher. We never really did any comparison haha! Nowadays it seems only the older establishments have the high ceilings.
  8. Hi everyone! So sorry for the lack of updates . We stopped reno temporarily because my mum insisted on consulting a fengshui master. Then we were told my main door is facing the wrong direction which is considered very bad in the fengshui world ): FSM suggested tilting the door. Don't know about you all but hubby and I have never heard of that and were in panic mood.... We then consulted my id and he knew immediately what we were talking about. Apparently it's quite common! Haha. Many people have asked him to tilt their doors before. Phew! He gave us 2 options, to knock down the old frame or stick on the new frame on top of the old frame. We read from other renotalkers that sticking the tilted frame is more pocket friendly and less hassle too so we went ahead with that and sticked on the tilted door frame! Here's a pic of the new tilted door frame (: Also, we're done with the carpentry work yay! Will update on the installation next week. Thank you so much for staying with us everyone!
  9. Yes everything is good and smooth! Thanks for asking Just not much updates because now doing carpentry work..
  10. Hello all! Sorry for the lack of updates. We are currently in the midst of carpentry work thus there are not much updates for now. Just some pics of our false ceiling, which was happening the last time round. Oh, have you guys heard about the sewage explosion in a BTO in Punggol??? This is sooo scary, why must it happen when we are doing our flat ... Anyway, anyone got any tips or know anything about how to make sure that there won't be any clogging of pipes like what happened in this incident? Here's the link btw http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/more-singapore-stories/story/couples-sewage-disaster-new-punggol-bto-flat-explodes-on#2 Definitely won't want it to happen to us or our neighbours... lol
  11. Hi Greglhc & Ks Toh, thanks for your comments! The pull out dining table is just next to the fridge. We thought it was good actually because our house is already so small, if we put a big table so the pullout table serves that function for us and hubby and I decided that it's good enough since we're such a small family.. There's also a study table in the WIW for hubby or I to do our work. It's actually more for hubby and the little one when he needs to do his homework. Good way for us to keep an eye on him next time also, heehee Was not able to upload this other pic of the WIW previously, as one post only allow a few pics but here it is! Thanks also for sharing about your situation Ks Toh, was abit worried that hubby and I would regret this decision about the fridge. It's also easier to take drinks and snacks when chilling in the living room right?
  12. we love the view too! just hoping that the empty field will stay empty for a long while... haha
  13. Go to gallery tab and upload pics into your album. Then, select pic and click option. Copy the image url then go to your post. Once in post, click on 'image' button just below the button and paste image url! Hope this helps, just figured this one out myself too! hahaha