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  1. Hi Alienlyn, My quotation is 3 years old by now and I am sure is no longer reflective of current market prices. If you wish, I can provide AL's contact details instead.
  2. Hi tiffanytlh, Apologies for the late response, haven't been active on this forum for quite a while and wasn't really expecting any questions. We actually had the painters apply the base coat for us as part of our painting item and we did the top coat on our own. The cost of the Momento paint was under $200 if I recall correctly.
  3. To all readers who are considering AL, please note that he has left 9 Creation and is now on his own. Please pm me for his contact details if you are interested.
  4. I got the vinyl flooring branded under "Vista" and not HERF. Happy with it so far as it is very easy to maintain but do take note it can get cut or dented if you dropped very heavy objects with corners onto it, I have 2 such marks but they aren't really noticeable.
  5. When you are using P2P streaming platforms, especially for live events, every single bit counts. Before the NUC, I was using my work notebook with a USB-Ethernet adapter and the difference on the NUC is that streams are much smoother with reduced buffering.
  6. This is exactly what I did except for the slight variation of running a fibre patch cord to the TV console area so that the ONT can be accessed from there instead of the distribution box. Should I decide to subscribe to pay TV in the future running on IPTV platform, the set top box can easily be hooked up to the ONT in the same location.
  7. A couple of months after moving in and cooking in our very own kitchen for the first time, having everything the way we want it, we quickly realized that having an electrical pepper mill will help speed up the food preparation process. Just as we were contemplating on whether to get one for months, FairPrice had the WMF ProfiSelect electrical mill up for grabs in their latest loyalty program. No more washing and wiping dry of hands if you need to add dash of freshly grinded pepper while you have one of your hands dirty.
  8. After 2 weekends of football streams on the Intel NUC, I have say that only Gigabit Ethernet interfaces are able to really make full use of your high speed fibre broadband if you are viewing HD content.
  9. Hi roberttty, Yes, in fact this is pretty much the standard configuration for most of the homes who converted the voice points to data points. This photo is courtesy of my neighbour. Just a minor correction, your connection should be TP -> ONT(Modem) -> Router -> Data Points in Rooms.
  10. Hi joejoeteng, It is true that gas heaters aren't able to heat up the water immediately but the time it takes to reach the desired temperature will obviously depend how hot you like your shower. On my usage experience, it takes no more than 10 seconds for the water to heat up during the cooler months and lately, just a couple of seconds. If you are concerned with the heating time, you can always set the thermostat of the heater higher and use your mixer to control the temperature and this should reduce the heating time. As for the noise, I use the common bathroom daily while my wife uses the other one. The gas heater is mounted right below the common bathroom window and I can hear the sound of the flame when the heater is operational but it doesn't bother me. The louder sound would be the one "popping" sound when the flame is turned on or off. All in all, I will recommend the gas heater over electrical heaters due to the cost savings from reduced electricity use.
  11. For those who have been following the blog, remember that I have a 8-port patch panel built into my TV console? An additional reason to utilize the LAN network has just arrived. The new Intel NUC's with Broadwell processors were launched in Q1 this year but Amazon only started carrying themselves in late March. As usual, the moment they reduced the price of the Core i3 model to USD269, which is about the same price as what the previous generation has been selling at the entire year, I placed the order for it. More information to follow after the NUC is set up.
  12. Hi wirriam, yes that is the window to the air-con ledge. The dark frame fits into the theme and we are actually very glad it allows in just enough light at night so that the bedroom isn't pitch dark.