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  1. Why should I respond to your last minute and unreasonable requests ? U have your plans, I have mine, why shouldI change mine to suit yours?

  2. More ducking last minute things from school .. Wth

  3. Other than starting sandman wrongly and unable to reach the low notes today .. Everything went ok . Hahahahahahaha

  4. Small group singing is stressful!! I better dont blank out tomorrow!!

  5. Feels good to have muscle aches again ... Had a good workout

  6. Late morning traffic sucks !!

  7. EPIC SLAM! saw cockroach wing..went to pick it up due to disgust...slammed head into cupboard..need to lie down for a while.

  8. just discovered I don't have to be in school tomorrow...:) YAY

  9. Beautiful! LOVE LOVE LOVE the kitchen! you know I am a fan of colours..and the rusty cupboard laminate!
  10. I'm interested to know how your place will turn out! Am loving the pieces of furniture/furnishings you've bought already! P/S: where did you find the tripod fan...i love it.
  11. Oops..i have not logged in for so long.. THe Koda Lamp was slightly damaged, got it for 300 i think. To the Daft Punk fan..the metal door was custom made by my contractor, i think he works with a doorsmith.
  12. Doing housework in 32 degree weather is killing

  13. Star trekking!

  14. Smash and The New Normal cancelled :o

  15. Best soccer match I've ever watched... Running man superpowers match