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  1. HI June

    I saw on your blog that you have managed to purchase the arden pedestal fan here in singapore. i tried googling it but to no avail. Appreciate if you could let me know where did you get it from.


    Many thanks.


  2. Hi June,

    Read your blog, a fruitful journey, can share your ID contact?

    Since it's been about 4 years of reno, how's the workmanship thus far?




  3. Hi, i didn't go down the whole fridge because I ran out of the chalkboard sticker.
  4. Thanks! painting needs a lot of patience but you have better control over the result. Spray paint is fast but sometimes you get bubbles. The stool which I hand painted is looking so good now after numerous people had sat on it and 'abused' it.. Friends thought I lugged it back from Bali or got it custom made. The wood looks like its from a mature tree but it's just the paint..
  5. I have been wanting to decorate my white fridge for the longest time but was simply too lazy. it's not that my fridge is ugly, but I find it a bit too stark next to my black carpentry. But since it's FOC (from the sellers), I really can't complain. Anyway, I finally moved my lazy bones today and dressed it up. This is how the fridge looks before makeover photo.JPG by BachelorettePad, on Flickr And here's how it looks now photo.JPG by BachelorettePad, on Flickr photo.JPG by BachelorettePad, on Flickr photo.JPG by BachelorettePad, on Flickr A white fridge is like a plain canvas; there are so many ways of dressing it up. I'm trying to kill two birds with one stone here. Besides dressing up the fridge, I'm also creating a huge 'notice board' for myself. hopefully I wont forget what I'm supposed to buy or do.
  6. Hi, they're from Howards world
  7. I know exactly what you mean! I missed reno too after it ended but i kept myself busy with the furnishing. Thats a much cheaper way of changing the way the place looks. By the way, I like how you hang your plants outside the door. Makes the place looks very inviting. ive been toying with the idea of having lots of indoor greenery eg. Wall planters, hanging planters and hydroponics for herbs in the kitchen etc. It's a tough project given that I'm not getting professional help and I'm slowly building it bit by bit. Hopefully I will make some progress by year end
  8. Hi Songz, I didn't lacquer the wood bcos I don't expect to use it for a very long time. If the wood gets spoilt or when I get sick of it, I will replace it. That's the fun of DIY
  9. OK! i will let you know my design fees! hahaha. By the way, I heard about your kitchen hood and the very ya-ya seller. Hope it has been resolved?
  10. Thanks Harriette! I saw pix of your place in Velle's blog. Looking good!
  11. Hi Makan! you are still here! How's life?
  12. I didn't think I would be posting any DIY projects in this blog now that work & housework take up most of my time, But recently, I completed a DIY project in RECORD TIME and I just have to write about it. It took me less than a minute to assemble some simple parts and about an hour to mount it on the wall. It would have taken a shorter time to mount if I had not been distracted by smses and the TV. The reason why I did this DIY project was because I needed a rack for toiletries near the basin in my MBR. I had a big problem searching for toiletries racks during Reno as most of the racks I saw were made of stainless steel and the designs were pretty standard. As I dislike stainless steel racks, I decided to leave some of my toiletries on the basin itself. But I soon discovered that there's always brown yucky dirt at the bottom of the bottles due to the water from the washing. So I had no choice but to start looking for toiletries rack again. I bought these plastic toiletries containers from a neighborhood shop but they kept sliding down my tiles. And they look so boring! photo.JPG by BachelorettePad, on Flickr In order not to waste these containers, I sifted through the odds and ends in my store room and found two items that gave me an idea! Within a minute, I came up with this: photo.JPG by BachelorettePad, on Flickr photo.JPG by BachelorettePad, on Flickr photo.JPG by BachelorettePad, on Flickr It matches what's on the opposite side photo.JPG by BachelorettePad, on Flickr What do you think?
  13. Hi there... I'm still getting PM queries on where I got my dining table customised, even though I had mentioned the suppliers in my blog. So I'm repeating the details here again: The table top is done by Wah King furniture and the legs are from Comfort Furniture. You can easily get the phone numbers and addresses by googling them. Good luck!
  14. Hi, these are small baskets for knick knacks which I bought from a neighborhood shop that also sells pails and brooms etc. I bought them bcos the size is just right for my narrow window ledge. I fixed them on the ledge using 3M heavy duty tape. If I want to move the pots somewhere else, I can easily remove the baskets.
  15. Hi, I totally understand how you feel bcos I also did Reno on my own. There were so many decisions to be made, both big and small. ID and frens can only give suggestions but the ultimate decision lies with you. Even though my ID was superb and helped me so much, I still felt stressed at times. Shopping for the house is a big problem as I don't have a car and have no energy to lug heavy things home. I only started to enjoy my place when the furnishing was largely done. That day will come soon for you too