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  1. My electric recliner sofa can no longer recline. I don't think it is the button issue. Any one knows how to repair it and what cost?
  2. sorry for the late reply. seldom login to renotalk. i did not renovate my bathroom. reason being that the bathroom/toilet was upgraded few months before taking over this flat unit under the HDB's Home Improvement Program (HIP). anyway, best wishes on your renovation.
  3. Best to warn others not to buy Sanzio for this time period. Go to this thread and rant it out: http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/45970-handson-sofa-by-sanzio/ I think the company got problems with their supplier. not sure when they will resolved the problem. i was also very angry and scolded the salesperson. good thing that i managed to get full refund and bought a sofa from another company.
  4. yes, veneer. easily scratched. sorry, not sure about the code as it was chosen by my ID
  5. Scanteak table and chair for the MBR: Painting with blue background to match the blue walls in MBR
  6. Have moved and stayed in the house for close to 4 weeks. Seiko clock bought at Bencoolen: 2.5 seater full-leather powered-recliner Sofa (display set from BestTech Katong. formerly known as m.mobili and cheers) was delivered only 2 days ago (yes, i moved in without a sofa for 3 weeks+)
  7. i also was a victim as a customer of Sanzio. i confirmed my order and patiently waited for 5 weeks for Sanzio sofa but on the date of delivery, they didn't call. And i had to call them, and they say they forgot to load the order to the factory. they say they will try their best to deliver in another 5 weeks. but that is too long. a total of 10 weeks (3months), so i demanded a full refund which i've gotten only after 1.5 weeks and i order sofa from some other shops. hearing your case, i suspect that they are having problems with their or their out-sourced factory (maybe their supplier stopped supplying to them), and i'm glad i made the correct choice of having a full refund. Hope yours does come and it is of the same quality/design as the one you ordered weeks ago. Best that you call them every day to check status.
  8. For the record, Cheque received and cleared yesterday. But no apology letter from Sanzio or Johnny.
  9. Sanzio called to say they can only send the cheque next tues. adding more delays and misery... the salesperson, Johnny even got the cheek to say that since i will be getting full refund, then there's no need for a formal apology letter. And i scolded him. how about the 5 weeks time wasting wait that i had ? the unpleasant experience? i didn't even ask to be compensated for the 5 weeks wait and the misery caused. i want a formal apology letter with the company letterhead send to me and not via email!
  10. Sanzio, if you are reading this thread, please send me the cheque with the full amount ASAP. didn't slept well last night and for spoiling my entire renovation and moving-in experience.
  11. was informed that the management has approved the refund. now waiting for the accountant to call me about the full refund. hopefully by today, if not, i'm going to kick up a big fuss.