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  1. Thanks a lot, will keep this in the option list of solving this issue. Btw get from Autobacs right ??
  2. Good luck to your renovation Great squarish layout Look like the whole house will be hacked and redo. Will suggest you do long carpentry along the wall to store things as there are no storeroom available.
  3. Been really busy for the past 3 few weeks with work and moving stuff (Not forgetting cleaning the house ). Will give an update and pictures this few days ^^ By the way does anyone know how do I clean the bathroom tiles pictured below : Tricky part is that its beside the marble wall and flooring thus I do not want to use bleach as it may discolored them
  4. You don need to replace the glass. Just get people to do frosted on the existing glass. This will save a lot more
  5. You may want forgo the blinds / curtains. Maybe you can go for frosted glass or something.
  6. I think you should do the overlay for the bathroom if you have the budget. Got to agree that it looks really ugly.
  7. Just compare few quotes and i doubt you will be carrot By the way choose and check on the material used. Eg. Total Blackout type is not washable by washing machine to what I know.
  8. I think the flooring looks great, you are right it look like those dance studio (Just my own view)
  9. I compare a few prices and in the end I uses this shop for curtain (They do my current condo previous owner curtains which seem ok) : Name : Hung Kee Chin Chin Tel : 6268 2632
  10. From the looks it seems quite well done. With your darker shade of tiles, using of warm light will really enhance the look Hope to see the pictures when the lights are up
  11. Great idea to use them as coaster, will look very unique (Remember to show us the after DIY product )
  12. Woah !!! Great work and responsibility from your ID and his workers Like you said, there are bound to be problems and mistakes, most important is able to admit and resolve it