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  1. Would like to ask a Leather question here.... Just been to a furniture exhibition. The sales from KUKA HOME said its sofa is using Cowhide, we can choose to have the surface to be smoother or leave it as original texture. The Sales also said that top grain leather is softer than those hide nearer to the flesh of the animal. How true is that?? I tried to do the fingernail testing on their display sets...non of the leather have any indentation on them. Any help from anyone is appreciated. I am sick of buying peeling leather sofas.......
  2. Thanks. Will call them up and check then compare.
  3. Thanks! Will try to call them up.
  4. Poor thing!! I really feel your anger in your post. The shop just want to push the orange sofa down your throat! I just don't understand why they can still survive after doing all this bad things to their customers...they are still setting up booth in all furniture exhibitions. BTW, could you tell me how you check the orange sofa and find out its PU instead of PU??? Burnt it?? I got cheated once cause I couldn't check the sofa being delivered. Now I very phobia in buying sofas.....
  5. I had been looking around for somebody to make a new piece of day curtain(those need to fix metal hooks on rail type) for my master bedroom. Could anyone recommend??
  6. Just went to view a sofa set, model Handson in the company Sanzio. Full cowhide leather L shaped selling at $3K+. German mechanisim, Italian design, made in China. anyone has any experience with them??
  7. Hi All, I had read all the bad comments about Species and my own bad experience with it...so I decided to post here to WARN all people who intend to buy ANYTHING from Speices, which had changed its name to S DEESIGN HOME FURNISHING now!!! I saw the BOSS LESLIE at the BOOTH in the Living Exhibition in Expo today, he was busy arguing with a Customer whom had brought her Invoice and demanding some kind of explaination from him.....On top of this, I saw the sofa I bought about 2yrs ago on display which had started to peel after 1 yr...I touched the sofa, the Leather is different from mine. That means they had a tantency that what you see is not what they deliver to your home.