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  1. Hey Retch! Can PM me the fb link to the shop selling that rocking chair? Thanks!
  2. Sorry for the late reply! Time really flies! Moved in for about 3 weeks now... Haven't finish unpacking yet. Went on one work trip and going for another soon. I wonder if I will ever get around to decorating my place...
  3. Hey, no worries about it. I'm moving this Friday! Can't wait to enjoy the fruits of our labour. Hehe.
  4. The kittens are cute! Your cat has more meow company
  5. out of topic, but edd, is that your cat in your display pix?
  6. I think I saw the 'bottle' lamps at Chan huat if I remember correctly...
  7. Yes, agree that TB is addictive! I bought lamps, silk worm quilt, 5 dusbins (!), clock, side tables cum storage and many other small things. It's a gamble... do check reviews before buying but I have to say, tb's reviews are not that trustyworthy... It's only when products is super bad then ppl make noise. It is a norm to give "excellent rating" and if you give 中评 (average rating), some sellers will scold you one!
  8. Is the Hello Kitty from HK? I like the right one, so cute!
  9. Hi there! Yours seems like a condo yeah? How many people will stay here? If yours is a small family, can consider round dining table with custom made curved dining bench against the wall. Or perhaps you could hack the wall between dining table and kitchen to accommodate island cum dining table, then push the yard further into the existing WC?
  10. Does your wallpaper have a rough texture similar to real brick wall? It seems quite nice leh, has a textured look from far. Bought from tb?
  11. Love the crate-like laminate! where is this from?
  12. Thanks! Ya, of course home must reflect the owners taste and liking, and of course must be comfortable as well. What's the point of spending so much on renovation if it's not your cup of tea right? hehe I think reno is only one part, gonna put in some effort in styling the house!
  13. Thanks gal! I can't wait to see the end product too. The cabinet is up but not the doors. They used cardboard to wrap up the entire cabinet, dunno why