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  1. SERIOUS. but u drove la... i'm wondering if they will allow me to carry thru customs lo.. I take public transport. haha!!
  2. hullo, for these few months, i think i only used both at the same time once. boiling soup and frying stuff. it worked perfectly for me for that ONE time. think the only prob is when i'm using a small pot, the safety feature takes over and switch off every 2 mins. this happens to the induction side only. if i'm not wrong, there is a recommended pot size (i cant rem the actual size though) the ceramic one doesnt have this problem. in fact, i can put anything on top, like my glass of drink to warm it up and the handle doesnt get hot. it was sooooooooo good... we ordered 2 large portions for 4 pax. lol =P can tabao back or not ah?
  3. I think it's the same one. along the road rite? next to city square.
  4. We shall not tok abt SongCho here ok? i ban! hehe.. anyway.. honestly, i think the one i'm using is good enough. coz firstly, no kids, . secondly, no rough usage. lastly, i might move out after a few years or get a reno done again. i get bored easily la. must change once in a while. =x
  5. Din mean to offend u when i said song cho for well to do. i'm not one good with words and very often say what i dun mean to say.. u get what i mean? agree on the different priorities... haha.. like how i got LED lights.
  6. haha.. so they dun even know their products. sigh.. wat to do? when they told me not SS, immediately put me off. but mine is ok so far... when my cheap shelving rust/spoil, i'll update!! thanks macuser77 & ucypmas for the detailed info man.... repeating sth doesnt mean it's true. =.= will rem this.
  7. yah lah... provided we are intending to live in the same flat for long. Moreover, Song cho is for the well to do. not for poor birds like me. hehe.. i'm just saying it's not what many pple think it is which is Stainless steel lo.
  8. yes.. I definitely got more to grumble about. the list is almost endless. I can tell u, my mosaic tiles were a disappointment. (TOILET) 1. not straight. no need to use ruler oso can see. seng ngeh quite badly. I ask them redo.. same result. 2. unprofessional. the mosaic is black and white. but at the corners, two columns of white tiles meet. -.- AT EVERY CORNER. how ugly rite. 3. my piping doesn't flow well, sometimes water take so long to go down. 4. my floors are black tiles. the grout in between is inconsistent. some white, some black, some non existant (aka hole) 5. pd door not smooth.. I told contractor.. he say, ok wat.. if ask the pd door guy come down he will think we very ngeow. -.- this is only the toilet hor.. still got long list. I can tell u they are very good salesperson. naïve me was sold. hahaha.. sorry.. I feel like an old grumpy lady. but i'm really unhappy la! let me fa xie! hahaha..
  9. i'm sure it's good. it's double plated chrome mah.. means u knock 1 layer, still got additional layer of protection. how I know it's not SS? I asked song cho salesperson at kallang if it's stainless steel. she said no. haha.. is it too direct?
  10. Kitchen shelving if i rem correctly, Excel is also not stainless steel. it's all chrome coated... same as mine. but mine not double coated la. lol. but price is like 25% of Song Cho. Side track abit... i'm looking forward to my JB Fishhead curry trip this weekend. lol. anyone tried it? Kam Leng fishhead. they only sell 1 dish ONLY.
  11. yes.. I was attracted by the price too. but they have a lot of add ons. like windows, hacking, etc. I disliked that he tried to quote the min. so that we will choose ID note. He admitted this. the final price is like another $10k more. like I ask him to quote for me kitchen quartz top, he insisted on quoting solid top. then do top up after that. initially thot top up was few hundred.. everything adds up I guess. then the tiles too.. his px for tiles only $2.40. others were going at $3. for some tiles I chose were also $2.40. but due to size difference, ID note also charged extra top up. it's ridiculous. I really do not recommend them. painting sucks, tiling sucks. these are basics. my kitchen laminate got an airbubble. and it has only been wat? 5 months? sorry.. I get worked up. coz I pay so much to see slipshod work. oh... and FYI, song cho is not SS. it's just double coated chrome. way overpriced. dun be fooled.
  12. I ordered way before my reno started. so I cant tell you how fast they took to deliver.. I had to asked them to hold the shipment. lol. if I rem correctly, the 4 dining chairs cost abt S$140. (excluding shipping) my table is customised by contractor. For the window, I think some forummers say u can install padlocks on your own. but to each his own la. some say grilles made of aluminium, so it's easily breakable. so use padlock on grille oso no use. u gotta decide for yourself lo.
  13. hey Vanessa and Sabrina bought the shelves at http://www.shanghaitonglee.com.sg/ go check it out. prices are VERY reasonable.
  14. Hi Sabrina Did u read my earlier posts? I did not recommend them to anyone. Everyday I see their work at home, I get reminded and feel upset. For more details.. I do not mind watsapping u. Oh and the interiors, I bought from SG. Not tb. U got to get measurement and let ur contractor customized the cabinets. U can get from excel or a smaller shop.. Can't rem the name. Let u know when I recall. Lol. Getting old.
  15. hahaha.... the pup's 8 months old now. just had her spaying done 10 days ago. vet says her skin is very sensitive. coz turn red (rashes) at the parts where they shaved. but luckily she recovering fast. some pics of her....