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  1. hi, the material is just normal solid surface, budget ma
  2. we are fine, thank you. hahaha, you think so too? so i'm not the one feeling their standard had dipped recently! the dim sum @323 is not bad too, love their char siew bao! and our recent fave place is the ice cream shop @347! i also learnt that the teochew porridge had moved to the older coffee shop further down(nearer to the MRT) and they had changed their boss, the current one @347 is a relatively new setup. sources from a random forum on the net good to see that your problems are much solved, lucky Mr E is a hands on guy unlike me!
  3. hi my neighbours makan and Mr E, it's been a long time since i visited the forum again, and it's still interesting to follow your blog(be it the tabao hoots or the frustrations you faced), took me a while to read thru from where i stopped! cute blue paws there i must say! i hope you had much of the reno problems solved by now and loving the neighbourhood. i must say this is really a nice area to live in.
  4. After reading abt the ease of strangers prying open the sliding windows of corridor units from another thread by zephy, today i finally witness the danger with my very own eyes. I woke up from my sleep after work in the late afternoon and was happily watching my daily dosage of anime when someone knocked on my door. I was greeted by a middle age guy(dun look so actually), he asked "how long had you installed your windows?" Immediately i recalled what i read on zephy's thread! and so i reply " new, very new, one month plus, why?" and i was thinking maybe he wants to promote the window lock! he replied " oh i was doing lock installation upstairs for a unit under renovation and decided to walk around the block to see see look look after finishing the installation...and i saw ur windows look very new....just wanna point out something to you...i can show you...." i replied almost instantly..." yea you mean the ease of opening the corridors from outside!!??....come show me!" indeed, even with just a normal key....he managed to pry open my common room's window and grilles without much effort... but he also say ur living room windows are much safer but still vulnerable...so i knew...."money i give u ba....just install the dam locks liao lor!!" close up look not the best workmanship but at least when the additional locks are locked, the windows are much sturdier and not shaky from outside....feels a lot safer....275 bucks gone just for 5 pieces of the lock for both common room and living room windows....
  5. eh..looks like the few blocks along the road at the stadium side? goodview ?
  6. really spacious! monster beng in monster 3rm flat!
  7. no moar white powdery dust le, got moar time to lurk, but also nth to post!
  8. 3NG is good! all the best to ur reno!
  9. yea, avoid best tech, gain city depends on your luck it seems. i heard coolserve not bad, maybe u can ask around, i got mine via the ID so they can liase among themselves easier tho.
  10. wah you exceeded the bandwidth!! need to see pics leh! aiyo, beng beng, is bandwidth limit la
  11. edd


    heh, mine was only slightly better than yours in terms of condition, likewise also not eligible for BTO too! all the best to you!
  12. omg, u and Mr E really have many many things!! die die must have storeroom lor!! kitties, colors, pink! mario land living room + wood kitchen! i like the common toilet bi-fold door colors very much! din know can make three tiers of colors....