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  1. Our conduits are a combination of tubings and trunkings. The tubings are black. The trunkings were painted black. This may help: [http://rumbleinstyle.wordpress.com/category/renovation/electrical-wiring/]
  2. Yup. Designing, choosing, coordinating, checking... on site and off. But it was worth it in the end. 1) Yes, HDB permit required for bathroom extension. I'm not sure how they determined wet and dry areas, but ours was approved. We don't really wet the extension when we shower though. 2) We selected based on a combination of price, communication and reading of reviews here. We didn't really have a quote requirement... it was mainly verbal (on site) with drawings of the plan. [http://rumbleinstyle.wordpress.com/2013/08/13/contractor-vs-interior-designer/] Thanks!!
  3. Up? It's a ductless hood that uses charcoal filters... so no exhaust/vents to outside (not sure if vents are allowed for hdb).
  4. Thanks for your comments! PMed both of you. Since it has been many months after our renovation and in light of other newer t-blogs, we will not be giving out any more contacts for our contractor. Appreciate your understanding.
  5. We bought ours at Tiong Bahru. [http://rumbleinstyle.wordpress.com/2013/10/06/retro-industrial-pendants] Just PMed you.
  6. So far no insect problem. As for the dust, it's actually rather easy to clean as it's a smooth surface – just a few seconds of dusting or wiping. And since the flat surface is above the eye level, then being out of sight and out of mind, we don't clean it as often as we hope to. Totally agree with mangorind that it's more convenient than those insect-trapping lights.
  7. Guess they can be found in many places. We bought ours from an old hardware shop in Tiong Bahru. [http://rumbleinstyle.wordpress.com/2013/10/06/retro-industrial-pendants]
  8. Yup yup, the design and size (600mm) looks right, but not sure if we got it from that exact shop.
  9. We are assuming you are referring to this dining area: We got the pendant lamp from Tao Bao (we've also seen the same light in several lighting shops around the island) and the track light from lightings.com.sg.
  10. Hi kuang3, we used track lights for general ambient lighting and it is sufficient for us. However, if you want to use them for other purposes, such as reading or work, then you might want to either position them accordingly or use other lighting types. The ceiling fans are serving us well so far. Hi, just PMed you.
  11. We're back! Have been slowly adding furniture to our nest and our bedroom is roughly completely furnished. The coziness is keeping us glued to our bed and making us late for work every morning... ok, just exaggerating~ Bed from Picket & RailBedside table from Second CharmPanel curtains from Ikea[read more on our blog post]
  12. Sure, we have been wanting to post more pictures but have gotten really busy the past few weeks and still looking around for our last small bits of furniture to finish it up. Guess we will post more up sometime soon... stay tuned! Meanwhile, perhaps you can go through the pictures on our blog and piece them up. Think we do have pictures of almost everything except for the furniture in the living room and bedroom. Yup, we are using the Ikea Ingatrop dining table. We had wanted something with more interesting, but settled for it due to practicality and cost. Just PMed you.
  13. Thanks! It saves us the trouble of searching for the link again should anyone want to know.