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  1. The downlights i use are warm light, just that with/without flash on my phone camera, they somehow looked different on pictures. However, u see the gigantic light in between the downlights? That one can toggle between warm/white/natural lights by switching, or remote.
  2. And the ceiling hole has been patched up too. Before... After...
  3. And the basin has been removed and toilet wall tile replaced to rectify a "installed too close to the entrance" problem. Before... Interim... Awaiting the fixing of the basin again
  4. Bedroom 2... MBR toilet... Storeroom... Kitchen...
  5. The lights are up!! And thank goodness I think they are all appropriately bright. Living room...
  6. It usually takes 2-4 days for the products to be delivered to the China collection centre, and another 2 weeks for the completed orders to be shipped to Singapore, and another 2-3 more working days for the delivery to doorstep (assuming you choose economy delivery).
  7. The LED downlights I got are 3.5W warm light. My ID said they are not bright enough for my living room. However, I bought these downlights because there is a L box in my living room, and the L box's existence is to cover the water pipe that runs thru the living room. So I planned for ceiling lights in the living room too. If u are depending on just downlights for your living room then my guess is u will need 6W and above ba. Maybe u can go to any lighting shop to check out the brightness, and the price, to decide what watt to get.
  8. Hmmmm... the previous owner extended the MBR and built a partition wall between the MBR and living room. For me... I merely changed the partition wall to a hollow block wall. Did not apply for any PE approval.
  9. Hmm... i did point out the GENERAL position of where i want the basin to be installed, but I did not point out the EXACT position, so the plumber used their initiative.. in the wrong way. Oh well.... luckily they said they will install the bathroom accessories only after the cleaning, so I will definitely PINPOINT the position to them this time round. Moral of the story: You really cannot assume that these guys know what you want, coz they are not you. Don't leave it to them to decide. My cabinet is coming up, and I am sure that's another round of "battle" coming.
  10. Hi kstoh, Just curious, who was the one who told u the tap was not PUB-approved?? Contractor/ID? Hmm... yes i think this tap wastes too much water, but when I was "shopping" in Sim Siang Choon, i saw a lot of taps, rain shower system, and even WC that do not have any tick on the water saving ratings. I did not get any answer to my question for a period of time, and so i went to a bathroom accessories shop near to my block, and pretend to be an interested buyer. I asked the sales guy if I only have cold water, but want to use mixer tap, what could I do. He mentioned about a "convertor". The answer was good enough for me, for i then know my purchased taps could be used. I then saw the T-joint after the installation of my basin.
  11. As a first-timer house owner going through this renovation process, I have learned quite a fair bit from the mistakes that I made. Luckily i have close friends and colleagues who have recently gone through their own renovation process, and they shared some valued information with me, otherwise it would be more disastrous. Of coz, the folks and blogs in this forum help a lot too. If there is ever going to be another reno for me, I'm sure i can do it better than now. :sport-smiley-018: :sport-smiley-018: :sport-smiley-018:
  12. Tazzer, the link is http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=16686974497 To paste picture... here's more info on that: http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/60248-guide-to-upload-photos/
  13. Hi tazzer, I use Peeka. To find out more on how to order thru them, you could read thru this thread: http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/58354-taobao-help-needed/?hl=%20help%20%20on%20%20taobao Alternatively, you could read thru Peeka's FAQ page, which is pretty straight forward: http://buy4u.peeka.sg/faq Which LED light are you interested in? I could send u the link.
  14. The lighting and electrical plan of my unit... The cracks at the joint where the hollow block is being built between the MBR and living room. ID said the painter will patch these when they paint my unit.
  15. The ID saw the LED downlights that i purchased, and commented that they could be too small to be bright enough for lighting up the living room. He also commented that those downlights that he installed for his other customers at the altar area are bigger than what I have gotten. Then he saw the giant ceiling light for my bedroom, and commented it may be too big and bright for the bedroom, and proposed putting the light somewhere else like the living room. He then commented the 6W LED warm light that I got my both toilets could be too weak to brighten up the toilets, given that I use dark-colored tiles. KNS, like everything I bought is of the wrong size. Nevertheless, i do not wish to buy any more lights, so I'll proceed with whatever that I have got. The most i change all the lights if I am not satisfied with the effect after a few years.