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  1. My dad was telling me I should be receiving a permit / license or document of some sort to proof the electrical rewiring done. Is there really such a thing?
  2. My parents' place was broken into before, so we are abit paranoid about this. They have since installed padlocks by customizing some clamps. May I know if there are any one doing this commercially? Would like install for my house..
  3. Thanks! Toilet glass door today. Realised I still have my PVC bifold door for my common toilet too. Almost forgot haha. Will be shifting in only in June, after my wedding. but supposed to hand over by this week.
  4. Handover was supposed to be tomorrow. But I doubt. They got my gate wrong and need to send it back for spray painting. The only real last item to be done is my glass door for the toilet.
  5. Yup. My contractor has graciously agreed to pay for my new lights. Not that urgent, but everything was supposed to be ready tomorrow. Kind of disappointed. Thanks for the suggestion! My contractor did offer to help me install the blinds, but I just can't get the blinds in time from ikea. Decided to spend more to get my custom blinds because I have 2 rather odd sized windows. Thanks for the note! But have already ordered again on taobao. Another 3 weeks wait...
  6. Anyone knows where I can get the hanging light at the bottom of the picture? The grills guy broke mine. and I don't have time to make another shipment from taobao.
  7. Went to ikea to buy some small 4W round E27. Found 11w still too bright for dining area. Anyone has recommendations for blinds? Is it possible to get my house fitted with blinds for $600 to 800 budget? Wanted to get from ikea, but the Tupplr 2m were all out of stock. We are not into curtains because we are lazy to wash them regularly.
  8. Yup that's the dining area. I marked out the place for them to mount the lights. But it's a bit too bright. They are Philips 20W E27 tornadoes. Going to try use 11W instead.
  9. Overall, things has been okay. Very glad that the design so far is coming up nicely and not too far off from what i imagined to be. Maybe a little too many line patterns. Haha. The progress was a bit slow for my liking. There were also a few rectifications that has been done / waiting to be done. My contractor has been very obliging in some of my requests, and he has been very accomodating. But sometimes the subcons do things that are beyond belief. For instance they decided to run my water pipe and gas pipe separately (different piping directions) when both are next to each other, even though my contractor has clearly marked the required pipping places. Secondly, for their convenience, the floor laminate guys decided to bring down my main door, and my door was covered up by just the gate and styrofoam sheets. There was also another interesting episode when I think the windows subcon suggested to take down my old windows one day before the new ones get installed. I overheard my contractor giving him/her a earful for such a ludicrous suggestion. Overall, it's been a mixed bag. My contractor has been very understanding and flexible. But a lot time has been spent on rectifications. The army mantra of do-it-once-do-it-good didn't seem to be applied. Carpentry, doors, grills and cleaning to go. It should be ready in 1.5 weeks time, hopefully! Already late.
  10. Finally some simple photos. Pardon the pic quality and the narrow angle as its from iPhone, will take better pictures once renovations is complete. Living and Dining Dining and Kitchen MBR Study and Movie Room/ WIW
  11. Yup his English is good. He's definitely a busy contractor. I'll share my experience after the renovation is completed.
  12. He trusts his clients. Which is a good thing.. But give and take I guess. So long as both contractor and client know the limits, I think it's fine... Carpentry next week!
  13. One thing about Mr Alan is he is a super easy going person. I made my first payment only after hacking and wet works were complete. Haha. The downside is he is so busy that there's quite a bit of rectification works. Time delay.
  14. Yup a receipt. Just suddenly thought of it. Looks like receipts/invoices is an exception rather than norm for Alan. Haha.
  15. Haha, i should have thought so! He must have found my request weird then. Retch, your place is looks great. So far any issues with post Reno?