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  1. Hi Everyone, I took a grant from the govt a few years ago and is in the midst of serving my 5 years of grant liability. I am wondering if i am able to apply for a new BTO flat even if i am in the midst of serving my liability period. Reason is that new BTO takes time and i want to downgrade. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
  2. anyone has any lobang for part time maid services rate with $10/hr and below for weekends?
  3. Well, i wish i have read more and gotten Angeline and Dave, unfortunately i gotten other ID from there and i dont think she is as competent.
  4. Did the person say when is the last day they will pitch their sales @ the warehouse? so its still till 5.30 everyday?
  5. if i am not wrong the sale ended today!! anyone knows where got such sales again?? been desperately looking for really cheap rugs now
  6. I have heard of this "shop" in Jalan Besar which sells toilet accessories and etc for quite a cheap price. Its near a bean curd stall... Anyone has the address of this particular shop?? Can Share share? thanks..
  7. I used to have quite a sever eczema on my face as well. I tried alot of western medication but they only give advices on watching the type of food u eat and etc. afterwhich they will give u steroids to apply on ur face, i didnt use it as it will only thin the skin we have. Eventually i went to a TCM @ queensway area.. there is this ABC market nearby its quite famous.. can ask the elders... they should know where is it. i drank some bitter medicine for 3-8 mths and i am completely healed. Good luck..
  8. Hi Kitchen MAtters.. No worries... i have decided to get FD 61.1 ICE. DO you have a quote to give me? I am getting quote about $799. My oven is inside a cabinet just beside a fridge.. is it not advisable even if there is a wooden partition between them?? And thanks again for the help.
  9. i am currently engaging intra design as well.. so far so good.. i haven seen the end product but the renovation has been going on smoothly except for some minor misunderstandings.. even if u have a budget just be upfront and tell them..i am sure they can work something out.
  10. Hi Kitchen Matters, Thanks for the great help and really informative write up. i will need the oven by the early next month. I know its abit rush but do u happen to have any pictures of TEP830 Glass hob and any price to quote? For oven wise i think i will still get FD61 cos it looks better.. Wonder if u have any price to quote or any stocks there?
  11. hI Kitchen matters, I am looking for Ariston FD61.1ICE model. How is it compared to FZ62C Catalytic oven? I am just a amateur cook. And if possible if u have DZG 830 Signature for hobs. Thanks for the help