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  1. Hi all, I'm thinking of buying a big piece of Suar or teak wood dining table Any one knows of a wood factory that i can see and select the wood? Attached sample pictures of the dining table that i'm looking for
  2. bb xicloudix <bbxicloudix@hotmail.com> Emai to this contractor. I have no biz with this contractor. i'm also looking for window grille contractor and happen to see this contact from Motherhood forum. I asked for quotation for 22 panels of windows (also horizontal designs) and his quote is about $1400. So definitely its cheaper than your contractor.
  3. Hi all, I have a commercial unit at Primz @ Woodlands for sale. 1260+ sqft, 60 year lease. Perfect location for commerical usage. I'm not a agent. I own this unit. Please PM me if you are keen
  4. hey guys, need some expert advice on fridges. My MIL's home fridge, 12 years old liao. Suddenly not cold already. I ask one of fridge salesman and his advise is to switch off the fridge for 2 hours and switch on again. See if it is back to normal. If it is still no good, then the fridge up lorry liao. MIL followed instructions and still find the fridge not cold anymore. So my question is: what else can we do? Is it due to compressor gas? Can ask the repair guy to come and see? or just throw and buy new one?
  5. Multi purpose rice cookers are those who can do bake cake, soup, congee, steam.... etc etc Anyone know where i can get some information or a book or cook book, for using those multi purpose rice cookers? for example, i want to make use of "bake" function in rice cooker, any cooking recipe for this? My rice cooker is Tefal.
  6. would the operating manual tell us abt the standby power? i need to read my Toshiba one....
  7. i also agree that induction cooker is not safe.
  8. 20 mins is only for the 1st tank of cold water after installing.... thereafter, it only takes 5-10 mins on daily basis.... in fact if you switch it on in the morning for shower, go work, come home at night, you still can get hot water without even switching on again.... joven is able to retain the heat for whole day......
  9. you all can try Aire Control. I just sign up yearly contract. 3 times in a year, for 3 units + compressor. $180 nett. the guy just came on last Sat to do the 1st servicing... not bad at all.... Aire Control is a fairly large company http://www.airecontrol.com/ http://www.airecontrol.com/services.html
  10. Lately been suffering from Eczema on the face...... went for allergy blood test recently and waiting for results Any one can give some advise on how can i cure or control Eczema? How about TCM? any use on Eczema? Any natural way of controlling it? I know western medication doesnt have any cure for it.
  11. hi all, i got a real full body rabbit fur. the fur is rather thick. how to do clean or wash? can i do put inside washing machine? can i do soak in warm water in a pail and use detergent? thanks?
  12. yes, its a good place to get stuff i bought most of the big items (fridge, cooker, LCD TV, built in oven, washing machine) from them and the prices are alot lower than outside shops. i noticed that its the individual product Distributors that actually delivered the goods, not Mega Discount ppl, which i think its a good thing. That means the products comes directly from the Distributor warehouse. Installation is all done by Distributor.
  13. Barang2 is not bad actually. pretty good quality, except that they are ex. Example for the price u paying for Barang2 for a PU sofa, u can get a full real leather outside for the same price.
  14. they got a shop in Furniture Mall Beach road. that's where i bought mine. mine is 2.4m. half leather... it means the top areas where yr body touches when sitting on is real leather. the back and outsider side of sofa is PU. anyway they got alot of designs and length. its best tat u go down to see see. for the full leather, they actually use calf leather. which is a premium leather. not the normal leather. and they will write it down in your invoice