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  1. Not sure about the rationale but from common sense view point, it can keep the oil and smell from spreading to living room. I understand Hong Kong school of feng shui is different from Taiwan. Based on what i learnt from the taiwan videos, its to segregate kitchen from living space. Kitchen represents 女主人. 厨房没门,那来男/女主人. Meaning, partners don't like to stay in house. Some might say open kitchen is so popular in western countries, an explanation provided is - yes its popular, tats why affairs are also more 'popular' in foreign countries as compared to asian countries. Asian houses are traditionally with door to kitchen. For kitchen there are some points mentioned that are important for good feng shui (1) No door directly behind stove (2) No window in front of stove (3) No beam 'pressing' above stove - If yes, it will affect health of 女主人 and 女主人 will 犯小人。
  2. Just to add on, 穿堂风 is straight. If blocked by partition, no such thing as u-turn to kitchen. However, according to my understanding, it's better to have a door for kitchen for fengshui purpose (singles to attract spouse/for married people, spouse will then prefer to go home).
  3. Hi, I'm not a fsm but i've taken a keen interest on the topic for the past year. I've learnt some basics from the feng shui videos at: www.academy.idv.tw Based on your 3R floor plan, it will be cramp to put a partition wall at the proposed place. Although u solve the 穿堂风, u will affect human flow (以不影响动线为主). With the partition, when u entered, u will need to turn and see fridge in kitchen immediately which is 破财, instead of seeing straight into living area. The 玄关 u are trying to create with the partition needs a certain space allowance from the door, else its 开门撞壁. For 3R HDB, we dont have the luxury of creating a good 玄关. I understand that there are always remedies if the house is small and u can't build the partition wall. One method is hang thick curtains/blinds (不透光) and close it 'permanently' on the side that faces the door (i.e.the curtain/blind need close the portion at least same width as door to avoid 穿堂). Based on your floor plan, half of the window in living area will have to be blocked with the curtain/blind and the other half open for lights/ventilation. Alternative is put a pot of leafy plants (or fish tank or crystal cave) at the window facing the door to 聚气. If you are a firm believer, it would be good to engage a trustworthy fsm for a peace of mind. Hope it helps. .
  4. 1) Mitsubishi inverter model - 3a28va (12000 btu & 9000 btu), 2) Dismantle existing aircon 3) Reinstall new gas piping, cable pvc trunking, pvc drain pipe and 1/2 insulation Quotation @ $2600 - is it considered expensive?
  5. Anybody know where i can buy polycarbonate coffee table in Singapore? I've gone the Space furniture but its too expensive. Comfort furniture only has one design and the design is too complex. I prefer simple design. Thanks in advance
  6. Anyone tried the samsung digital lock p718 (with fingerprint) for your main door? Good? What about the yale door viewer? Any reviews for these 2 products? Thanks
  7. I'm considering whether (1) to build feature wall and mount TV to wall OR (2) just place the TV on console. Anybody care to share their experiences? Thanks.
  8. I'm looking for a compact-size 1-burner build-in induction stove for my small kitchen. Anybody knows where to get one in Singapore? If 1-burner build-in is not available, what about 3-burner build-in induction stove? So far I only saw Bosche selling. Anyone care to share? Thanks!
  9. HI, i saw some negative reviews on the company, mostly posted a few years back. I wonder if there's anyone with positive reviews recently? I spoke to their ID at AMK recently and was quite impressed with their recommendations. I've yet to see the revised quotation but now i worried they will not deliver as promised and poor workmanship. Anyone care to share?
  10. Not sure if your contractor can copy the corner idea from Blum? It looks more functional than carousel http://www.blum.com/sg/en/03/24/10/30/
  11. Anyone engaged ID from Chew interior Design recently? Care to share your experience? I read the reviews at forum which seems quite bad but they are dated sometime back. I wonder they've improved?
  12. U may want to save photos of those design and layout u want and show them to the ID cos explanation is difficult. Pictures will do the trick. Maybe also checklist for window, floor, grille, cabinet (full, top or bottom), electric, door etc for each room and ensure they are included in their quotes in case its missed out and become extra costs later. Also take note of the quotes. To install xxxx ... means u buy and SUPPLY the item yourself, extra cost, they only provide labour. Be careful of the quotes, sometimes when we read our brain couldn't register its not included.
  13. Can PM the name of the company and ID? I'm looking for contractor now and wants to avoid this if possible. Thanks
  14. For your Q1 - For the kitchen wall at the cabinet area, is it possible for me to do the tiling on only the exposed wall area between the upper and lower cabinets? >> If you want tiles for exposed wall, might be difficult to achieve cos the tiles might not fit exactly to measurement bet the top and bottom. It may look ugly. Usually the ID will say do tiles for whole wall first then do cabinet cos it's easier for them since the workers for tiles and cabinet are different. Or is it a standard procedure to have to tile up the entire wall including the wall behind the upper and lower cabinets? >> Yes. The first ID i spoke to said so. But today i spoke to another ID, he said can do away if u want to save cost but savings may not be much. And he called it '偷工减料‘