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Found 18 results

  1. Hi everyone. i’m super new to this forum pls forgive if this topic is under wrong category recently bought this house and when we were about to engage contractors to change our living room windows we bumped into a huge roadblock. I’ve attached pics of my living room window basically we are unable to change the window or window grills because its attached to the concrete. Apparently we need to engage with PE (precision engineering) to even remove the grills which will cost more than $3k. we went to check with 2 of our neighbours below to see whether their window grills looked like ours. I’ve Attached my neighbours windows and its not the same as ours (the below part) is there any other alternatives for this? How can we refurbish the windows and grills if we are unable to change?
  2. Hi, I will be getting my BTO 5-room flat anytime around July-September next year and I have been looking around for contractors or renovation company that do window grille which is preferably safe for home with cats. This is important because my unit will be on the 26th floor and I worry that the ordinary window grille will not be suitable for my home as my cats can definitely jump out of the window if they're not careful. And cats are curious. It will be very helpful if anyone would kindly recommend me any renovation company or contractors that specialized in custom window grille and preferably one that is not too over-budget. I have surveyed LeGate but I'm not confident with the material that is being used for their invisible window grille. I would prefer if the window grille is horizontal aluminum with a min of 5 cm spacing or whichever would be better for my cats. Do let me know! You can PM me or reply under this forum subject. Thanks!
  3. Here we SGFrames brings you various kinds of Designer Glass for your windows. New arrivals to explore and Home deco. View Samples available at our stores. Why wait? Choose your best now. Welcome to SGFrames Frame Maker, Glass and Mirror Merchant Main office: Blk 1003 Toa Payoh Industrial Park, #01-1511, Singapore 319075 66357989 Chinatown Branch: No 229, South Bridge Road, Singapore 058778 94517174
  4. Hi, I am wondering if there are contractors who are willing/ able to change the color of my green metal window grill color to black. The Condo Management has stated that I cannot change the facade of the building, hence I can only change the inner portion of the metal window frame and grill. Can this be done? Thanks ?
  5. Does window cleaning robot really Help? Yes, the answer is quite confirmed We offer a Special Promotional Price now at only $299, which You can find in Robinsons at $1000+. We purchase directly from factory and that’s why we can offer such low price Simply pass any smooth surface to the robot and back to your online games or Korean drama! Available stocks in Singapore and ship within 24hours. Cash on delivery is available, please call 83680666 You may also find our product from Lazada. Click the below link to buy from lazada. http://www.lazada.sg/glasswindow-cleaning-robot-20498813.html?ff=1 Thanks for reading
  6. Hi there! I have just kick started my 2-months long renovation but am already bogged down by two troubles 1) Unsatisfactory quality of work provided by window installation contractor The window contractor provided sub-par service e.g cement was unevenly applied such that some stretches are more hollow. This is not a joking situation as my flat is a corner-unit, hence should the windor falls due to poor installation, it could easily kill passerbys or break cars. On the first complain, the contractor has agreed to re-do the cementing. In their own defence, the contractors claimed that the unsatisfactory work was due to the fact that the employees are not well-trained in handling high-rise hdb flats; more trained in handling landed houses. Also, the dust filter that should be securely stuck to the bottom-edge of the window easily peel-ed off!! What can I do if the re-cementing is still unsatisfactory? 2) Incessant complaining from neighbour staying directly below our unit Since the start of our renovation, this neighbour has been making persistent complains about our noisy renovation. However, our contractors have completed the major hackings within the assigned dates. On everyday basis, renovation begins after 9am and ends before 6pm. Apart from complains on noise, she has also accused us of ruining her ceiling. Prior to kicking start our renovation, we had requested to enter their house and took photos of their ceilings. Photos were provided as evidence that her current state of ceiling were the same prior to our renovation. She has since insisted for us to pay for her maintenance else she would sue us. Any advice on this second trouble? Would appreciate any advice/suggestion on these double troubles :(
  7. HI, does anybody know where to get a replacement for HDB window flush bolt, used in the aluminium casement windows? They are greyish plastic and have a metal piece/bolt sticking out to lock down the window on top and bottom. With wear and tear, the metal piece tends to break out from the plastic casing. I saw a brand called Lock Plus, each system costs $17+, quite steep considering that stainless steel ones can be less than $10. Anybody knows where to get cheaper ones or alternative solution?
  8. Hi All.. Need your sincere advise as currently I'm doing toilet reno works since 3 weeks ago but I have 3 main problems now and conractor is doing a very bad job: 1. Floor tiling not have enough gradient that water is ponding in dry area as attached picture. My contractor claim my tile too big. My toilet dimension is 1.5 (width)x 1.9 (length) x 2.3m (height) and my floor tile size is 30cm x 60cm. Any advice to rectify this water ponding issue? Any recommendation for other contractor? 2. My door frame was damaged. I'm just aware today that my door frame was chiseled so it can closed properly. I have no issued before the renovation work commenced. Anyone recommend to fix this? 3. Toilet window not properly installed. Sideway protuding by 3mm. Whats the risk to reinstall or readjust the window? Will this damage the wall tile ? I learned my lesson the hard way . This contractor just did such a bad job and this small toilet cost me above average cost. The painting job is so ridiculously bad (attached pic) I have paid 65% and Im thinking to engage another party using the remaining 35% . Thanks for all your advices.
  9. Hi, I'm looking for ideas for a ground floor unit's main living room window that allows for privacy and yet still let light and air in.
  10. Hi, I am urgently looking for one window PE that I can trust to help us get approval for our bedroom window on a resale 5 room HDB. if anyone of you have someone that charge within the range of 1.8k to 2k around this range please kindly PM this no. I am reachable at 9844 3936. Thank you in advance as my house cannot proceed due to the window at the moment. Really appreciate if someone can share some information with us. As our contractor recommended one that quoted 4-5k I think this is ridiculous.
  11. HomeSecure is the Singapore distributor for Remsafe products. Visit our website http://homesecure.sg and Facebook Page https://m.facebook.com/HomeSecure-580243588808544/ to read more about our products, or to enquire on prices. Alternatively, email to us at Homesecure.sg@gmail.com. Do you have active children? Do you want to secure your windows to prevent any accidents? Do you want to enjoy full view without any grille? If the answers are "yes", Remsafe Window Restrictor is the product for your new home. Special pricing with MOQ for group buy for your development. The Remsafe Window Restrictor is Australian designed and is designed to reduce the risk of falls and accidents associated with unrestricted casemenr windows. Strength Remsafe window restrictors have been tested to withstand a force of 2485 Newtons (253kg), 10 times greater than the minimum standard required by most building codes and legislation in the world. Comprised of a stainless steel bullet head and tensile steel cable for extra strength and durability, Remsafe is the most affordable and reliable window restrictor available. Quality The Remsafe window restrictor is Australian designed and manufactured at the highest quality control. The advantages of installing Remsafe Window Restrictors are as follows: 1. Fraction of cost compared to window grille (only 5-10% of the cost of window grille for a typical apartment). 2. By using the keys supplied with each set, Remsafe Restrictor enables the windows to be opened fully when needed, allowing owners to open fully to enjoy the scenery, and closed to the restricted safe distance (recommended to be maximum 10 to 12.5cm). 3. Unlike conventional window locks, the ***** feature eliminates the risk of a window being inadvertently unlocked and unrestricted. Remsafe window Restrictor are available in black, silver and white. Each set comes with the window Restrictor, universal key (1 key to open all your locks) and installation screws. Installation is simple and can be done by your carpenter, or DIY with a electric hand drill. The VENLOCK is designed specifically for use on sliding windows. The unique patented design allows for an easy DIY installation in less than 30 seconds, with only one hole required in the window track for fitting, no screws required. - Ideal for sliding aluminium windows - Easily installed in just 30 seconds - Australian owned and designed - Tested to withstand a force of 1700 Newtons (173kg), greater than 6 times the minimum legislative standard - No fixing screws required A safe, simple solution The Venlock window restrictor's DIY installation method is simple, quick and poses no risk to the integrity of the window frame or glass panel. Once the Venlock is locked in place at the recommended position of 12.5cm, the window can be opened and closed to that position without the use of a key each and every time. Designed with safety in mind, this unique feature eliminates the risk of the user inadvertently leaving the window unlocked and unsecured. Discreet and reliable Less than half the size of conventional window locks for sliding aluminium windows, the Venlock is a small but incredibly strong window restrictor. The compact design will increase the security and safety of you home, workplace or commercial premises without compromising the overall appearance of you window. Installation instructions: Window sill height should be no less than 13mm Place drilling jig on window sill at the end of the window frame Using a sharp pencil mark the hole position on the window sill Drill hole using a 6.5mm / 1/4 inch drill piece Place window lock on the sill and push to lock Installation Video https://www.dropbox.com/s/kui1g4y1mcpaasr/Remsafe Venlock_Instruction Video_v2.mp4?dl=0 Features: Easy 30 second DIY installation Fits to sliding aluminium windows Unique patented design Push to lock/key to unlock Keyed alike Black colour standard
  12. Update August 2017: I've removed all sharing feedback and actual pictures of window grills and iron gate by Pang Giap (PG). PG sent me a letter demanding me to remove the pictures and demanded payment from me to compensate for their loss in business and reputation with my previous sharing of photos of their products. I do not wish to have any more dealings with PG hence removing the pictures. There are other review of Pang Giap in this forum which was not written by me and hence unable to remove. Below is the extract invoice as mentioned above." ***No negative comments nor posting of their products pictures**
  13. Hello~ This is my first post in this forum. I hope I am posting in the right category. I'd like to ask for your opinion. I have a window just after the main door, however they're facing the next block's wall and really not so much sunlight coming in... From my floor plan that the dining "corner" option would be only once you open the door that corner which is very... unwelcoming imho. Something need to be done to that corner, and I am thinking it's the window... What do you think?
  14. Visit our Facebook page @windowsafesg to purchase your window restrictor for your windows. https://www.facebook.com/windowsafesg/ Selling at $35 per piece (without installation); you can get your contractor to install for free! However, if you need installation, we do provide installation package as follows: $72 base price (1 to 6 pieces); $12 per subsequent pieces. See description below for more information regarding this window restrictor, a product from United Kingdom. ...... The window restrictor is lockable, and can be unlocked using a key if necessary, and the window will then be able to be opened fully. Due to this reason, it is possible to fit the Max6mum lockable window restrictor on fire escape windows, provided that the user keeps the key within easy reach. One of the important features on the Max6mum window restrictor is the strength of the cable once locked into the locking system. Some window restrictors claim that the strength of the cable exceeds 500kg. However, even though this may be true, it does not mean anything as it is the strength of the cable once locked into the locking system that actually matters. The Max6mum window restrictor, once the cable in locked into the locking system, can withstand forces over 100kg, which is more than enough to take the weight of any child. This is twice the industry standard which is 50kg! The cable itself is made from hardened steel, which makes it extremely difficult to cut. It makes the window restrictor ideal for customers who are based on ground floors, and want to leave their windows open but are afraid that they may be broken in to! What makes the window restrictor even more unique is that the Max6mum Window Restrictor is Biomaster Protected – Protection against the dangers you can’t see. Biomasterensures effective antibacterial protection for the effective lifetime of the product, helping to keep surfaces clean and hygienic, and reduces the threat of cross-contamination from harmful bacteria – such as MRSA, E.coli, Campylobacter and Listeria and even viruses like the common cold and influenza. Window restrictors, especially those found in commercial properties such as schools, hospitals and hotels, are often handled by many adults and children and can therefore facilitate the spread of harmful infections. Biomaster AT300 suppresses the growth of algae, mold, mildew, fungi and bacteria which cause unpleasant odors, discoloration, staining, deterioration or corrosion only. Manufactured products incorporating Biomaster AT300 may not make any public health claims relating to antimicrobial activity without first obtaining an EPA registration for the manufactured product which permits such claims.
  15. is casement or sliding windows better for kitchen? Any major price differences? I like casement since they can all be opened up but i am worried in future after wear and tear the window might fall off! Also you'll get your hands all wet when closing them when raining. For sliding windows, i don't fancy cleaning the 'tracks' as they collect dust but they seems 'safer' on a long term basis. Any advice?
  16. Does anybody know any alternative for bestview window system http://www.window.sg/ that can fully open. I was quoted $6000 for 3 windows (9 feet * 4 feet each). dam expensive. thus looking for other supplier. Thanks for your input very much
  17. World's Most Advance Window Treatment Window-Cool is established in 1999 has successfully installed glass tinting & window shades in Singapore for millions of Square feet with consistency & commitment to the highest quality of services, professionalism and workmanship in our industry. We can enhance the performance of any window system, saving money on your energy bills, improving comfort, adding safety and giving you a modern, professional look, and most important of all, protecting you from harmful & damaging UV rays. It's the perfect combination of ergonomic efficiency, functionality, comfort and design. Our priority is to provide you with the best possible service. For this reason, we have an expert network of representatives available to offer you advice and carry out installations in your area. Do call us at 62888323 or email us at sales@windowcool.com and for more information, please go to www.windowcool.com