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  1. Any one did plastering ceiling and wall? How many years back? The condition still ok? Bathroom plastered ceiling still ok after years?
  2. Did you plastering your ceiling? How's the plastering now? Bathroom plastered ceiling ok now?
  3. Did you do plastering? How's your plastering? Still ok? Did you do bathroom ceiling plastering?
  4. Hi, how's your wall/ceiling plaster now? Still ok? Bathroom ceiling plaster still ok? Would you recommend do plastering? My HDB is 34-year-old.
  5. May I know your plaster wall/ceiling condition now? Bathroom plaster ceiling ok? Worth doing plastering?
  6. This is false ceiling or plaster ceiling?
  7. Would you recommend plastering ceiling and wall in old HDB? Plaster wall and ceiling can last how long? Plaster ceiling in bathroom can last? Because high moisture level. Worth doing plastering?
  8. How's your plastering now? Still ok after so many years? Especially the bathroom ceiling plaster?
  9. Your plastering still ok? Especially bathroom ceiling
  10. Hi, I would like to get the contractor contact. May I also ask how much you spent on the renovation? Thanks.