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  1. Thanks @w7_lee for the advice. Actually I also have an issue with how thick my skirting looks. I've in mind to hack away the skirting and install pvc skirting instead. Photos here: Appreciate your views!
  2. It's a multi plug socket. We installed it for only a few points in our home where we foresee we might use for different appliances
  3. Dear forumners, I just bought an old 30-year-old resale flat and currently undergoing renovation. Can seek everyone's views if the workmanship in the photos below is acceptable? My contractor said the unevenness between the skirting and wall is due to my walls being uneven/curved. I can accept that my walls are uneven (even though I have paid to plaster the whole house) but is there anything that can be done to straighten the walls? Appreciate your advice.
  4. Thanks @Juzzhome! I think so too. Do you think I can still change my skirting to the wood one at this stage? Not sure if my tiles will be damaged if I hack off the current tile skirting, or if I will run into any other issues with the replacement.
  5. Hi everyone, in need of advice! I'm currently renovating my 30 year old resale flat and have a problem with the skirting done by my contractor. Before the renovation started, I went with his suggestion to have a tile skirting to match my floor (I wanted to go without skirting or have a white skirting but he said better to use the tiles). Now that the skirting is up, I'm unhappy with the outcome - the skirting looks thick, some parts look thicker than the rest and the finishes on top of the skirting are uneven/wavy. When I raised these concerns to my contractor, he said this is the tiler's technique (i.e. the skirting finishes with a slope upwards) and nothing more can be done as our walls are not straight. He said we can hack and redo with a flat finishing but it will be sharp at the edges (??) and he cannot promise it will look better. Basically, NOTHING CAN BE DONE. Can I seek forumners views: Is what my contractor said true - that nothing can be done? Is this kind of workmanship acceptable? See photos attached. Is it possible to hack away my skirting without damaging the floor tiles? At this point, is it possible to hack away and do without skirting OR replace with a skirting board? Thanks all in advance!