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  1. applebanana

    Any Electrician To Recommend?

    How do we check that an electrician is licensed? By licensed, do we mean EMA licensed? I have encountered electricians who are not EMA licensed.
  2. thanks snoozee. i just got a quote at $300. includes mcb and routing to the heater. any idea if the quote is high?
  3. hi, how much would it cost to install new heater point with miniature circuit breaker? is the mcb necessary? no heater point currently
  4. applebanana

    simple renovation works - single contractor?

    hi snoozee, thanks for your advice. if I install AC before painting, will the AC make the painting work difficult?
  5. Hi all, I plan to do simple reno works - painting, install aircon (currently no aircon point), install water heater (currently no heater point), replace lightings. Not sure if I should get a single contractor or to get an electrician and a painter. If the latter, is it correct to do the painting last? If single contractor, will he charge high markup since my works are not major? Thanks all!
  6. hdb "guideline" for sliding window panel width is 50 cm to 120 cm. does anyone know if this is just a guideline or for it is a rule? can i install a sliding window along corridor , that has a width below 50 cm
  7. anyone knows how much would it cost to make the walls and ceiling smooth + paint the walls and ceiling? The walls are bumpy by itself and also uneven due to poor painting. Thanks!!
  8. after the contractor cleaned the top using wet towel vigorously , there are some scratches on the countertop. suspect it is scratched by rings. is there a way to restore the countertop ?
  9. applebanana

    black granite counter top- is the black colour natural ?

    thanks all for the reply. so the black is not natural? how about other colour granite? also only top Colour? one more question. I got glass backsplash installed after the granite was installed. after the backsplash installation, marks were left on the granite top which can't be removed. any idea what this is?
  10. hi folks, anyone knows? when I look at the cut outs, the black colour is only on the surface. the granite itself is grey. when I checked with the supplier lian hin, they claimed that the black is natural.
  11. applebanana

    Gap between cabinet doors

    hi folks, is a gap between cabinet doors normal? dust and insects will be able to get in the cabinet...