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Found 23 results

  1. I want to buy KDK Ceiling Fan for 3 of my bedrooms. I prefer model http://www.kdk.sg/products/ceiling-f...led/r56sv.html is KDK Reliable? I know old KDK models are reliable but not sure about the new ones. Saw few negative feedback in KDK Singapore facebook. Any R56SV users out there? Please provide feedback. Appreciate. Also some people are selling malaysian models at cheaper price here. Any feedback? Thank you
  2. Hi all, I hope this is the correct category to post this: Basically I'm the owner of a relatively new BTO flat together with my wife and we got our keys mid last year and moved into our house in feb this year after renovation was done. We had cement screed floor done for the whole house (bedrooms/living room) except toilet and kitchen and this was done by HDB contractor (appealed successfully for cement screeding + top up). Everything was going well for a few months until we were notified by our downstairs neighbor every few weeks that we are making 'a lot of noise' when all we did was walk from a bedroom to the kitchen, or generally inside the MBR. We were also told by our neighbor that we were slamming doors when this was not the case.. Our neighbor has came up several times over the few months we have been staying there to inform us (nicely) that we are disturbing their peace when all we have been doing is walk around.. so we finally arranged a day where one of us went downstairs to their house while one of us stayed upstairs to walk and hear for ourselves and true enough we have to admit it was pretty audible.. even when walking lightly (toes first and not heel first). Then we tried closing the toilet doors and this was also very audible for the unit downstairs. The worst part was when my neighbor also mentioned that he can hear when I put the toilet seat down.. and true enough when we tried putting the seat down (not slamming it down) we could hear a "clunk" from downstairs where it was very obvious that someone put the toilet seat down. We were aghast at hearing this for ourselves, and my neighbor included as they went up to see and walk around for themselves when they realized we were not intentionally stomping our feet or slamming the doors. I'm not sure if it is the combination of the cement screed + their false ceiling that is amplifying the noise so much.. I don't hear the same volume of noise from my neighbor upstairs except for the occasional dropping of items and I have never heard my upstairs neighbor walking excessively loud, closing a door or putting a toilet seat down. The cement screed was done by HDB contractors so I don't know if there was anything that could have reduced the transmission of noise downwards to the downstairs unit. Their false ceiling is hollow (as are most) and might be amplifying the noise.. but I find it highly unreasonable that I can't even walk normally in my house without every step being heard by the unit downstairs. I'm not sure what can be done at this stage.. even if we do raise this up with HDB, what are the physical steps that can be taken to reduce this noise transmission? I don't have a false ceiling installed so I'm not sure if having one actually amplifies noises from upstairs, does anyone have any experiences regarding excessive noises coming from your upstairs neighbors with/without false ceiling installed in your home?
  3. Hi there, not sure if this is the place to discuss this but I just want to try my luck and see if anyone has something to share from their personal experience. My neighbour living upstairs has been generating tons of noise (heavy long periods of stomping from kids, very loud sudden knock, furniture dragging, banging doors, etc) everyday for the past several months. As you might have guessed, it has caused me plenty of sleepless night, my elderly parent to wake up from their nap/sleep, unable to focus on my work, etc. Initially, I tried to approach them peacefully by writing several notes on different occasions to bring the issue to their attention. We even suggested to use very simple, effective and inexpensive means to reduce the noise. Unfortunately, they don't seem to care to do anything to reduce the noise. I mean, how hard can it be to provide playmats for your children if you can't control hyperactive kids? How difficult is it to use softpads on your furniture? Anyway, my patience grew thin as paper after several months of tolerating their noises. So, I made a police report but they redirected me to the HDB. HDB officer eventually made a call to my neighbour and advise them to lower down their noise and honestly, there wasn't any improvement at all. (In fact, my neighbour was unhappy about it) So I took the matters into my own hands. I began closing my windows and doors loudly, and occasionally thump my ceiling whenever they made any loud noise just to let them have a taste of it. Eventually, after several days, my neighbour came running down to my unit furiously. He began shouting at me, accusing me of vandalism (from the notes I paste with masking tape outside his door), whining about my complain to HDB, how he almost kill his son while trying to discipline him, etc. All the while, I was trying to calm him down (although I was the victim here) and tried to talk peacefully. Eventually, he calm down to listen and we were able to sort things out peacefully. After that day, we did notice there was less noise coming from their unit. But after a week or so, they went back to their old ways. Thus, knowing that reporting to the police, approaching the HDB for assistance and direct confrontation does not help to improve the situation, I am thinking of soundproofing the ceiling to reduce the noise. Any advice or personal experience from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. We had the whole house plastered. After 2.5 yrs started to show cracks and some areas popped out. Can we just replaster over the cracked areas or need to scrap out whole wall n ceiling before replastering?
  5. Lucky Khoon, A&S Lighting is a humble bathroom, kitchen and lighting company opened by a small group of friends who are plumbers and electricians. We believe that with our decades of expertise, we can excel in providing better products that are durable, easy to maintain and, most of all, value for money for our customers. After six years, we have expanded into 2 showrooms : Enterprise One @ Kaki Bukit, and Tradehub @ Boon Lay. Lucky Khoon currently operates a small fleet of plumbing and electrical contractors, dedicated to providing you quality service. Visit our showrooms at 1 Kaki Bukit Road 1 #01-01/02/03/04 Enterprise One Singapore 415934 Locate us 24 Boon Lay Way #01-72, Tradehub 21 Singapore 609969 Locate us Websites luckykhoon.com.sg aslightingsg.com Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/luckykhoonbathroom https://www.facebook.com/aslightingpteltd/ With your support, we will continue to offer great products at great prices.
  6. Hi Everyone, There seems to be one infamous thread started in 2014 regarding Amasco fans in renotalk which is mostly negative. I am wondering if any of you have any recent experience with the fan. I am personally considering the Amasco Wale 3 fan. It would be also great to hear from people who are happy with the product. Thanks!
  7. Price reduced to $18/pcs for CNY. My loss your gain. Bought too many for new shop reno and selling cheap now. Just received shipment. All new 10pcs. Price negotiable if take all. Take note of the dimensions. Length 14cm by diameter 9cm (pic4).
  8. Hello All, I'm selling a brand new in box 56" Panasonic ceiling fan F-M14HW (incl free bracket+screw), specs can be found at the following page http://www.panasonic.com/my/consumer/home-appliances/indoor-air-quality/ceiling-fan/f-m14hw.specs.html. Fan was bought in Malaysia 2 weeks ago, but we last minute decided not to have fan installed at our house. I will send the fan directly to your doorstep. Please whatsapp or call me @ 96280828 for pricing. Thank you
  9. BRAND NEW 16" wooden blade black and wood Colour (2 in 1) comes with remote control able to oscillate able to wall or ceiling mount text 87773210 to deal
  10. Hi all, currently looking for a contractor who is reliable to change my ceiling in my house (SemiD) hoping to find a good but cheap contractor to help me with this ! Please recommend if there is anyone you know who can do this for me at a reasonable price Would really appreciate your help ! Thank you
  11. Bought from JB but does not fit the theme in the end so selling at a loss. 1) Round base 3 pendant lamps for dining area. Bought at ringgit 250, letting go at S$75 nett. Pictures are at https://carousell.com/p/29886684​ 2) Bedroom ceiling lights with LED and crystals replica with remote (can change few colors). Bought at ringgit 350, letting go at S$100nett Pictures are at https://carousell.com/p/29886341/ 3) Bedroom ceiling lights with LED and crystals replica with remote (can change few colors). Bought at ringgit 350, letting go at S$100 nett. Pictures are at​ https://carousell.com/p/29886448/ Get all at S$270. My loss is your gain. Self collect at Boon Keng mrt only. Watpp me 93855474 for more pictures for fast deal.
  12. Hi All, Many stuff for going for cheap sale, great bargains. 1) Easy hanger system - $200 - $400 2) Ceiling fan with light (no remote) - $80 3) Ceiling fan without light (no remote) - $50 4) Various lightings, Chandelier - $20 to $80 5) Water heater - $40 Cash and carry. Please contact, whatsapp 91475710 for more details and viewing. (Sorry, I don't know how to upload pictures here ) Thanks ALuilui
  13. Hi All, We are looking for contractor or sub-contractor for electrical & plumbing & ceiling works for our new 5-room BTO. We already have our carpenter so only contractor for other works needed. Any recommendation? Thank you.
  14. Hi fellows, may I know what's wrong with this ceiling? The problem recently aggravated till it's like having light snow in the kitchen daily. May I know approximately how much will it cost to get a contractor to rectify this (as a standalone job; the situation is neither part of, nor due to renovation)?
  15. Brand new ceiling fan (without lighting) just bought today. Actual fan brown in color. realized old ceiling fan still can work, therefore no use of it anymore. Bought at $245. Selling at $220 neg. Wooden material. Able to buy light and fix it up. Self collect at Sengkang. http://singaporemotherhood.com/forum/threads/wts-brand-new-brown-ceiling-fan-cheap.87327/
  16. Does anyone know how I can modify my halogen light (link below) to make it brighter? I am thinking of changing it to LED light. Is it possible? Thanks in advance. http://i00.i.aliimg.com/img/pb/108/023/569/569023108_978.jpg
  17. I wish to convert my halogen dining lights (x3) into fluorescent or LED light as it is not bright enough, and it is especially not practicable if I use it for studying. Can anyone please help advise me? Thanks!
  18. For sale 8inch JBL in ceiling speakers x 2. $200 only. Self pick up from Siglap. Please email 2013bcm@gmail.com http://singapore.craigslist.com.sg/hsh/4160670860.html
  19. Selling 3 used ikea ceiling lamps, Januari model, nickel-plated. Condition as-is http://www.ikea.com/sg/en/catalog/products/40121788/#/40121788 For no fussy buyer, selling all 3 lamps for $20 only. PM to deal.
  20. Hi All, I have bought 14 LED downlights, bought but in the end decided not to install L box in my house, hence not used. The LED are 9watts, colour is 4000k warm white (between white daylight and yellow warm light). Opple is an established china brand, you can google them online. Hence unlike those brandless china made LED that you find at Balestier I have asked my electrican to test them before, all in working condition I bought them at $50 per light, now letting go at $25 each, nego. Text me at 91286744