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  1. Hi RetiredInteriorDesigner, If I don’t like the existing floor tiles of the new place I am about to buy, what are the cost-effective methods to have new flooring? My husband suggests painting the floor tiles, but I am not sure if it is possible or even cheap. Some forumers suggest overlay with vinyl flooring. I am trying to watch the budget for our renovation, so I am trying to avoid hacking and retiling. Please kindly advise me as I still want to have something that looks like tiles, but more cost-effective. Many thanks Sir for your advice!
  2. Thanks Juzzhome. Is Vinyl flooring similar to laminate flooring? Can Vinyl flooring lay over the existing floor tiles? Thanks a million.
  3. Hi guys, sorry if this has been asked before. I can't find related info on this forum though. My family is looking for new place and we are trying to reduce budget for renovation. New kid in tow! So to cut budget for new place, my husband suggests painting the floor tiles instead of hacking and retiling, just in case we don't like the existing flooring. Also, to paint new colour, we can choose our favourite colour! May I know if it is possible to paint floor tiles? Thanks in advance!
  4. I wish to convert my halogen dining lights (x3) into fluorescent or LED light as it is not bright enough, and it is especially not practicable if I use it for studying. Can anyone please help advise me? Thanks!
  5. Sce, do you mind pm me the contact too? Thanks!
  6. Thanks BeBeCc for the info. We hesitated to change it ourselves when we saw the wirings. Do you have anyone reliable to recommend?
  7. Hi there, I'm clueless when it comes to lightings and electrical stuff. Hope any kind soul can help me I have a 3-way switch ceiling light in my master room. Meaning to say: - Switch on 1st time, it's the 3 x fluorescent light - Switch on 2nd time, it's the 4 x halogen light - Switch on 3rd time, it's having all the lights together (3 fluorescent light + 4 halogen light) I have been using it for about a year now and I think it should still be ok, ie. not spoilt. But I'm not sure. What happened is I have never touched (ie. made changes) or repaired my ceiling light before ever since the renovation. One fine day, the 3 fluorescent light just didn't start up when I switched on for the 1st time. If I press the switch again for 2nd time, the 4 halogen light still work. If press another time (3rd time), all don't work. In short, switch on 1st time, no light. 2nd time, there's light. 3rd time, no light. I have since changed the 3 lamp tubes and the 3 starters for the fluorescent light, but the same problem persists. Is anyone able to help me please? Thanks a million PS: My contractor has closed down already, so I can't call him for help.
  8. I called The Helping Hand before. The person I spoke to was not polite or even interested
  9. Many thanks coolerpod! I got your mail. Have a great day!
  10. Seems like there's no recommendation for DTZ agents here. Mine's pretty good. In fact, he helped me to save 10k for the COV. PM me if you need his contact details.
  11. I contacted Baroque and Mike got back to me. However there wasn't any follow up even though I sms him to meet up. I dropped him eventually. Not very sure of their design, but I went past the showroom once and it wasn't impressive too. Didn't have a good feel, so all the more affirmed my feel about this ID.
  12. Hi coolerpod, Thank you for your message! I tried to reply you but your inbox is full. My ID is actually charging me $450 for the db box, so I thought it is too expensive for just one little box. Did hear of people being charged for the amount you mentioned but not sure how true. Did you renovate your place using an ID but use the mentioned electrician separately?
  13. Thanks coolerpod. Mind sharing how much you were charged for the rewiring and change of DB? My place is exactly 9 years, thus not sure if I want to spend such money to rewire and change DB.
  14. Hi all, I have an urgent query and hope you can help me. If I want to change the DB box for my resale HDB flat, should I rewire the whole house at the same time? Or can I just simply change the DB box without any rewiring? What's the correct way to go about doing it? Please advise. Thank you!! biggrin.gif